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TrySwedish Thursdays: Farm Shops in West Sweden

TrySwedish Thursdays: Farm Shops in West Sweden

PARTNER POST — TrySwedish Thursdays is a culinary collaboration between TrySwedish, West Sweden, Gothenburg and Västerbottensost cheese. Discover the edible delights of the land.

Explore West Sweden’s farm lands on an edible tour complete with beer, cheese, and sustainable produce.

farm shops in west sweden Jonas Ingman Marknad

Organic farm-to-table food culture is big in West Sweden. One trip to the country side and it is evident by their many farm shops throughout the area.

Different shops in the region specialize in a variety of local fares, such as cheeses, ciders, eggs, or jam, just to name a few. These shops are often family-owned or run by a small, close group, and the produce responsibly made, local ingredients while focusing on sustainability.

farms shops in west sweden Jonas Ingman Marknad

Many Swedish restaurants, markets, and cafes source their food from these farm shops, but it is easy to take a drive through the rural parts of the area and purchase produce just for your household or for a quick picnic. Farmers, brewers, and more are happy to educate people on the productive small farm way of life. All the food is truly made with great care and attention to detail. Producing delicious food in an environmentally-friendly way that people will love and taste the difference in is the first priority for these Swedish farm shops.

If you ever find yourself exploring rural West Sweden, veer off the main road and explore a farm shop to learn about the local culture. For a fully-planned food tour, you may start from Styrsö-Norrqvarn or Norrqarn-Styrsö for a culinary road trip.

Sivans ost_foto Åsa DahlgrenA?sa Dahlgren

Want a tip? Here are some wonderful stop to be sure to check out:

Halltorps Mejeri

This dairy farm specializes in a variety of cheeses and is home to an award winning goat cheese, “Farfars pärla”. The dairy is produced by 60 Swedish free-range milk goats.

Halltorp 1
461 92 Trollhättan
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Sivans Osthandel

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The owner of this cheese shop is a fourth-generation cheese producer and with the help of her daughters makes only the finest quality cheeses. She specializes in matured cheese aged for 8-40 months. Her cafe is open just one day a week, but three days a week in the summer months, and also sells speciality breads and sweets.

Oljeberget 1
534 93 Stora levene
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Qvänum Mat & Malt

This brewery and distillery doubles as a tasting house and inn. You can taste their locally sourced and produced drinks at their tasting events, including everything from beer to cider and wine or grappa. Or, if you like a more hands-on experience you can even book a cookery course to see what foods pair with your favorite drink.

53591 Kvänum
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