Spiced Sorrel: Caribbean Hibiscus Holiday Drink
Recipe Type: Beverage
Cuisine: Caribbean
Serves: 16 cups
This spiced Caribbean drink is usually served around Christmas time. You have to adjust the sweetness and intensity of the drink to suit your preferences. This recipe makes enough for a large family. Leftovers can be stored in a glass pitcher, in the fridge, for about 1 week.
  • 5 cups sorrel flowers (sepals)
  • 16 cups water
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 4 star anise pods
  • white sugar, to taste (or Agave syrup)
  1. Combine all the ingredients, except the sugar, in a large pot.
  2. Simmer for about 45 minutes, the mixture should be fragrant and the liquid will be red.
  3. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth-lined sieve into a glass pitcher. Set aside in fridge to chill.
  4. To serve: pour the Sorrel into a glass and add a spoonful of sugar. Taste it, if it's too sour, add more sugar or dilute with some cold water. To create pink foam on top of the liquid, mix with a Milk Frother
  5. Add ice, and serve.
Recipe by Honest Cooking at https://honestcooking.com/spiced-sorrel-caribbean-hibiscus-holiday-drink/