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Dark Chocolate-Dipped Apricots

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Apricots

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Apricots

Try these devilishly delicious dark chocolate-dipped apricots from Heather Schmitt-González.
By Heather Schmitt-González

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Apricots

This has been my idea of dessert and sweets lately. I’ve been steering clear of cakes and brownies and cookies and pies. And indulging in scrumdiddlyumptious squares bars of chocolate instead. I have a feeling that my cravings for those things will make their way back into my being soon, though.

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Along the same lines of scrummy chocolate studded with goodies are goodies bathed in scrummy chocolate. Like these plump little nuggets of sunshine. They go swimming in a pool of lightly sweet dark chocolate. Then they take a roll in salty shards of nuttiness. As far as desserts go, I consider them virtuous.

What about you? Virtuous or not really…

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Apricots
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Try these devilishly delicious dark chocolate-dipped apricots.
Recipe Type: Chocolate
Serves: 2
  • ½ c. dark or bittersweet chocolate chips (or equivalent chopped chocolate)
  • 36 dried apricots
  • ~¼ c. finely chopped SALTED pistachios
  1. Line a baking tray with wax paper (or parchment).
  2. Place the chocolate in a small glass bowl and microwave for about a minute. Stir with a heat-proof spatula. If not melted all the way, heat in 15 second intervals until smooth.
  3. Dip the apricot (halfway to three-quarters of the way) into the melted chocolate. Sprinkle or gently dip one side into the chopped pistachios, then set on wax paper, nut side down; sprinkle pistachios on top. Repeat with all of the apricots.
  4. If you like, slide the tray into the refrigerator for 30 minutes or so - the chocolate will harden quickly this way.
Once the chocolate has set, these can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. If you want a thicker coating of chocolate, slide into the fridge after the first dip (leaving off the nuts). Once hardened, dip into the chocolate another time and then finish as written. And yes, you will probably need more chocolate than listed if you do this.
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