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Coffee Culture: Peddler Coffee

Coffee Culture: Peddler Coffee

Bill finds a great coffee stop in Philadelphia right off of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway at Peddler Coffee. 
By Bill Walsh

Subject: Peddler Coffee
Location: Philadelphia, PA
WiFi?: Yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

For as long as I’ve been drinking coffee, I’ve been a firm believer in imbibing while learning. Clearly any academic or scholarly venue becomes better ten fold with a cup of good coffee in hand. This applied firmly to classes in college, small group Bible discussion, all-night cramming and by far the most pleasant, museum visits. Especially with Philadelphia institutions, I would always make an out-of-the-way stop for some great coffee before wandering the Academy of Natural Sciences or the Franklin Institute.

But no longer do I have to go out of my way. Heaven has shined with greater favor by bestowing retail space to (relative) newbie Philadelphia roaster Peddler Coffee right behind the Franklin Institute. Not one to waste time upon hearing the good news, I made my way over one fine Saturday, prior to a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.


The shop is at 21st and Spring, in a corner venue complete with large, vast windows pouring in light into the cafe. Inside, a wooden bar runs across the length of both windows, and swanky wood seating lines the back wall. The atmosphere resonates as spartan yet soothing.

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As for my coffee that sunny morning, I settled upon an espresso of their El Palto of Peru and a drip (filtered coffee) of their Ethiopian Aricha. The espresso, pulled short in a glass tumbler with brown crema, smacked of chocolate cake, lemon, rhubarb, sesame seed and arugula in a thick and velvety infusion that proved delicious, sweet and slightly tart (in a good way). The Aricha bestowed heavy berry, nougat, cucumber, wheat beer and slight water chestnut in a medium body, making for a smoothly sweet and scrumptious brew.


Thus I left that day with a smile on my face and a refilled cup of their Aricha in-hand. Whether you seek great coffee for your visit to the Academy of Natural Sciences or to bring to your yodeling academy down the road, pay Peddler Coffee a visit prior.

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