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Coffee House Review – Scratch Bakery, Durham, North Carolina

Coffee House Review – Scratch Bakery, Durham, North Carolina

Scratch Bakery North Carolina

Bill Walsh is deeply impressed with Scratch Bakery in Durham, North Carolina.
By Bill Walsh

Scratch Bakery North Carolina

Subject: Scratch Bakery
Location: Durham, NC
Free WiFi ? : yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

In the culinary arena, few food mediums tickle my digestive system more than pies. Savory or sweet, I think I could eat pie at almost any meal (save Thanksgiving dinner; a turkey pie could never replace the bird). Naturally, when I was in the area of Durham, I penciled into my itinerary a bakery with multiple pie accolades from publications like Food & Wine and Bon Appetit. But when I found out they purveyed great coffee too, it became a must on my short trot around town.

Stopping en route one morning on my way to some business, I located the bakery bustling but not overtly crowded at its side street location. A quick glance foretold of an enticing venue, with its glass front that leads the patron into their brightly arrayed space, with a chic, modern array of furniture to seat the visiting masses.

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Ordering coffee before pie (a necessity), I decided on an espresso of Intelligentsia’s Black Cat and a drip of an Intelly-concocted House Blend. The espresso, pulled short with brown crema, reverberated unsweetened cocoa, spinach, lime, nutmeg, fig, thyme and lemongrass, all together holding a nice measure of acidity and spice. The drip of the House smacked of almond, croissant, carrot, root beer, milk and some cashew in a brothy yet sweet cup of coffee.

After my coffee, I dug gleefully into two different pies (any bakery listed in the top 10 pie places in the nation deserves 2 slices of pie), all to find a confirmed haven of great pie accompanied by great coffee. If you’re close, scratch deep the surface of Scratch.

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  • I jiust watched your Bakery on the food Channel.
    I saw what i believed to be Cinnamon buns/Rolls. if
    I am right ,the question that I have is do you ship these
    I am in Hubert NC which is next to Camp Lejeune NC.
    They looked like the ones that I grew up with many yeas ago in Pa.
    The ones that I remember had two versions. One ws with Raisins and
    the other was without the Raisins.
    Thanking you in advance

    Ed (GRUMP) Wilbur
    USMC Ret

    910 326 5023

  • Watched the segment on the food channel and ws impressed with this Bakery and had
    a question as to whether or not they shipped their baked goods.
    I was interested in the what appeared to me was the Cinnamon Rolls/Buns.

    Ed Grump Wilbur
    USMC Ret

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