Old Soul Ethiopian
A Great Ethiopian Edifies My Soul

Bill enjoys a delicious coffee in Old Soul’s Ethiopian Aleta Wondo Co-op.

Old Soul Colombian
A Colombian Coffee With Soul

Bill finds some pretty good coffee in a bag of Colombian from Old Soul Co. in Sacramento.

Coffee beans
Fair Trade Certified Coffee and Why Buy It?

A Fair Trade certified coffee purchase directly benefits the farmer or entrepreneur, their community and supports a sustainable environment.

Terra Bella
Terra Bella is Alaskan for Good Coffee

Bill travels north to Anchorage and finds a splendid coffeehouse despite low hope.

Review: Teamotions Wellness Tea

Marnely Rodriguez brews a couple of cups of Teamotions tea and gets an extra boost of energy

Elixr Coffee
Elixr Coffee Rejuvenates Philly

Bill Walsh is happy to see that a great coffeehouse has taken the place of a former, not-so-great one.

Indian Espresso Coffee
Powerful And Creamy Indian Espresso Coffee

Arundhuti Rama brews a powerful but yet creamy cup of prime Indian joe.

sunrise coffee
Las Vegas: Sunrise Coffee Proves To Be A Coffee Oasis

Even if coffee isn’t exactly what made Sin City famous, Sunrise Coffee Co turns out to be a reason to leave the Strip for an hour or two.

Hoho Myoll
Savoring Seoul: Hoho Myoll Cafe

Meagan Mastriani is deeply impressed with the bustling cafe scene in Seoul, South Korea.

Review: Espro Takes Pressing to a New Level

Bill Walsh reviews the Espro Press, a french press that sets out to eliminate all sediment from the final pour.

shot tower
Shot Tower Stands As A Beacon in Philly

While Bill Walsh will probably not be moving into South Philadelphia any time soon, the coffee at Shot Tower is a really good reason to visit.

Coffee And Beer Steaks Grilled
Coffee Steaks Under The Influence

Mike Crimmins is busy researching grilling recipes to be in top form for Memorial Day.

Pound Pounds Out Great Coffee

Bill Walsh checks out DC’s Pound Coffee, and is more than happy with what he sees and tastes.

pur water filter
Does Filtered Water Make Coffee Better?

Bill Walsh checks out the Pur Water Pitcher to see if it helps him brew a better cup of joe.

Good Long Island Coffee Does Exist

Bill Walsh is pleasantly surprised when he realizes that Long Island is not just about iced tea.

Coffee Labs Sumatra
Coffee Labs Concocts A Decent Sumatran

Bill Walsh tests Coffee Labs Roaster’s Sumatra Mandhelding, and ends up with a decent cup of coffee.

A Peak Example Of Coffee At Chestnut Hill Cafe

Bill Walsh checks out Chestnut Hill Café in Lancaster, PA, and is impressed with both the atmosphere and the coffee.

Coffee Foundry Bolivian Fair Trade
Mugged In NYC: Coffee Foundry’s Bolivian Fair Trade

Bill Walsh explores a bag of Bolivian Fair Trade Coffee from the West Village in NYC that scores pretty well in the coffee and tea index.

Chinatown Coffee Co
DC’s Chinatown Coffee Co. Will Shanghai Your Tongue

Bill Walsh stops by Chinatown Coffee Co. in Washington DC, and is so impressed with the coffee served that he gives it a top rating.

Testing: The Handpresso

Can you make really good coffee with just the help of your biceps? Kalle Bergman decides to find out.