Super Simple Summer Avocado Salad

Tamara Novacoviç is still in avocado mode, and here’s a very simple but attractive way to serve this lovely veggie tasting fruit.

Purple Produce From Peru

Joan Nova travels to Peru, and comes back with a batch of produce of a certain color.

egg roll_meat mixture
Will The Real Egg Roll Please Stand Up?

Jessie Chien muses over the popularity of the egg roll in America, and offers a recipe that is more in tune to its etymological definition.

Summer Tarts, Blue Cheese & Red Onion
Endless Summer Tarts For Perfect Lunches

A chilled glass of rose wine, a crisp salad of just picked greens, and a simple savory tart make a near perfect summer lunch.

Andalucian Sunshine With Salty Cheese And Sweet Sherry

It’s green fig season in sunny Andalucia. Locally they are known as Brevas – the green cousin of the black fig. They are totally divine and Anne Manson just can’t get enough of them.

British Columbia Spot Prawns With Lemon Fennel And Arugula Salad

Spot Prawns are natural, sustainable fast food. If you choose to boil them they cook in two minutes in a pot of boiling water.

Indian Cousin Of Sweet Empanadas: Mawa Gujiya

Rhyming with Fava, Mawa is a milk derivative translated as solidified or concentrated milk though neither of them instantly paint the right picture of what it really is.

Cooking the Magazines: Greek Cucumber Salad

Natalie McLaury considers herself a bit of a hoarder when it comes to magazines.

For Your Father’s Day BBQ – How About Orzo Salad?

Mitch Weinstein takes a trip down culinary memory lane, and returns with a long lost recipe for pasta salad.

Parmesan And Asiago Cheese Salsa

Pamela Braun thinks outside the box when it comes to defining a good salsa.

Deliciously Greek Summer Flavors – Eggplant, Tomatoes And Feta

When you’ve got access to all the right ingredients, there is no reason to fuzz around and complicate things.

Cooking With Roses: Rose Salad With Fried Jerusalem Artichoke

John Nevado with the perfect summer salad to share in company of good friends and lots of rosé wine

Dandelion Salad With Heirloom Tomatoes, Feta And Rye Croutons

Dandelion is a gorgeous, but often overlooked ingredient. It is perfect for salad and dried dandelion root makes a wonderful tea.

A Slightly Tipsy Shrimp Cocktail

While some mix metaphors, Alisha Randell mixes cuisines. To her, there is something pleasurable in finding an unexpected flavor in a classical dish.

Crispy Zucchini Blossoms Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Chives
Crispy Zucchini Blossoms Stuffed With Goat Cheese And Chives

What is it about fried food that makes people weak in the knees? Stephanie Russell speculates.

Salade Chèvre Chaud

The French goats cheese salad is fresh and vibrant, but with big flavors.

Mushroom escabeche
School Of Tapas: Mushroom Escabeche

Escabeche is an ancient cooking and preserving method which originates during the Muslim rule of Spain in the Middle Ages.

Broccoli And Cauliflower Cream Soup

Tamara Novacoviç really isn’t a huge fan of soups, but this creamy meeting between broccoli and cauliflower wins her over.

Bacon Wrapped Enoki – Perfect Finger Food

Wilson Mak with a simple but elegant crossover between asian and western finger food.

Cooking With Roses: Shrimps In Love!

The second serving in John Nevado’s trio of appetizing and romantic rose hors d’oeuvres.

Brussels Sprout And Goat Cheese Turnovers

When everybody else is reveling in spring food, Bria Helgersson turns to a good friend from the brassicae family.

Bharwaan Baingan: Stuffed Baby Egg Plant Curry

These baby egg plants are slit and stuffed with a spicy masala and then left to simmer in a rich and spicy curry.

Cooking Croatia: Stuffed Zucchini In Tomato Sauce

Tamara Novacoviç with zucchinized twist on a classic Croatian stuffed pepper recipe.

Cooking With Roses: Rose Petal Kimchee

The King Of Roses is back with a deliciously romantic Rose Petal Kimchee hors d´oeuvre recipe.

Plantain Chips

Brady Evans sets out to create a fantastic snack from both ripe and unripe plantains.

Asparagus And Bread Salad With Cherry Tomato And Lemon Vinaigrette

Wilson Mak goes all Top Chef on a bunch of asparagus, some tomatoes and a roll of bread.

Peas And Mint, The Perfect Spring Sweethearts

A lovely amuse bouche, an elegant starter, or even a fantastic main course. This springy soup works everywhere.

Good Morning! Stuffed Breakfast Tomatoes

Megan Marie Porta with a creative and inspiring recipe to jazz up your breakfast with stuffed tomatoes.

Crimini Mushroom and Plum Wine Consommé
Crimini Mushroom And Plum Wine Consommé

Alisha Randell decides to spruce up one of the most classic French starter soups.

Vegan Soba Noodle And Pea Salad

Brady Evans scours the blogs for a fresh vegan recipe, and fins this lovely soba noodle and pea salad.

Rillettes, cornichons and sourdough toast
Pig Of The Week: Rillettes, I’ve Had A Few…

The King Of Pigs is back with one of his favorite ways of turning pork and fat into delicious comfort food.

Fresh Greek Salad

With spring in full swing and tomato plants and herbs a-bloomin’, it is officially salad season.

Sweet Onion Salad With Orange Vinaigrette

Natalie McLaury feeds her citrus addiction with a fresh and vibrant salad from Whole Foods.

Arancini di Riso
Arancini Di Riso – Crispy Fried Risotto Balls

When life hands you left over Risotto, make Arancini Di Riso – Crispy Fried Risotto Balls.

A Southern Classic – Deviled Eggs, Part Two

Tamara Novacoviç with her Croatian take on the classic Southern dish. A simple, but delicious way of making eggs a lot more fun.

A Southern Classic – Deviled Eggs, Part One

Laura Davis with a modern classic from the South, Deviled Eggs. Part one in a very tiny mini series of two parts.

Modern French Onion Dip
Modern French Onion Dip Recipe

Jessica Flanigan decides to breathe new life into a classic French appetizer, and ends up with a delicious modern take on the retro dish.

Shrimp Duet By Kalle Bergman
Shrimp Cocktail Toast And Creamy Shrimp Soup

A recipe that is really two recipes. A seafood symphony, or more correctly, a shrimp duet.

Apple Pork By Kalle Bergman
Danish Apple Pork

Kalle Bergman with a classic flavor combination served the way the Danes like it. Apple Pork on dark rye bread.

Japanese Style Beef Curry Toast Tapas

Vancouver based Wilson Mak serves a great Japanese influenced tapa that is sure to be a smash hit as an hors d’oeuvre or an appetizer.

Polish Pierogi

Eastern European food is getting more attention globally, and with Kelsey Hilts delicious Polish recipe, we join the movement.

Pain Verte – Green Garlic Bread

Okay, so you made a huge amount of Sauce Verte the other day, and have a little left over? Make green garlic bread!

Asparagus with Spanish Chorizo Sausage
Asparagus With Spanish Chorizo Sausage

We say Hola to Diana Bauman, who cooks us a lovely spring tapa with asparagus and Spanish chorizo.

Raw Kale Salad with Honey Apple Vinaigrette
Raw Kale Salad With Honey Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Just like the rest of us, Joy Zhang has had enough of winter, and decides to make the perfect spring salad to lure summer out of hibernation.

Graham Cracker Pancakes
Maple Syrupping In Delano, MN – And Graham Cracker Pancakes

Laura Lindekugel visits Family Farms in Delano, MN, and gets a look into the backbreaking work of creating artisan maple syrup.

Soldaditos De Pavía Or Codfish Beignets

Bienvenido to Miriam Garcia, our Madrid correspondent, who delivers a delicious classic dish from the Spanish capital.

Spinach Ricotta Tart

Tamara Novacoviç with a lovely savory spring tart that works just as well as an appetizer or a light spring lunch.

Cajun Shrimp ‘N Cheesy Quinoa With Swiss Chard

Shrimp Your Quinoa with some great tips from Dawn Hutchins, and get valuable advice on how to identify sustainable seafood buys.

Lentil Soup

Brady Evans realizes that there is usually a lot more food in the kitchen than you might be lead to believe.

Green Mango Salad with Avocado, Shrimp and Cashews
Green Mango Salad With Avocado, Shrimp and Cashews

We all love ripe mangos, right? But don’t wrinkle your nose at the unripe ones, as they are excellent in a fresh spring sallad.

Cooking The Magazines: Edamame Succotash

Natalie McLaury decides to force winter out, with this summery recipe from Cooking Light.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Casserole
St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Casserole

To be able to get through a whole day of St. Patrick’s celebrations, you’ll need to start off with a solid breakfast. Kelsey Hilts has the recipe.

Broccoli Rabe Pastry Buns

Joan Nova with a delightful dish that works equally well as an hors d’oevre, fresh side dish or a brunch plate.

french radish and sunflower sprout tartines featured image
French Breakfast Radish And Sunflower Sprout Tartines

Sylvie Shirazi often enjoys radishes with just a little salt and butter, but she also has a suggestion on how to make these lovely radish tartines.

Scallops With Sunchoke Purée By Kalle Bergman
Pan Seared Scallops With Sunchoke Purée And Caper Butter Sauce

An elegant recipe, well suited as a fancy appetizer at your next dinner party. Scallops with sunchoke and capers sauce.