Fresh Spring Bulgur Salad

Bulgur is both delicious, healthy and very easy to prepare. Tamara Novacoviç with a fresh spring salad full of vitamins.

Sweet Introduction: Key Lime Parfait

Kristina Wiley debuts on Honest Cooking with a twist on one of the most iconic dishes from the Sunshine State.

Pig Of The Week – An Industry Telling Porkies

For every happy pig that gets to end its days as braised shoulder with haricot beans, there is a horror story to be told about intensive pig farming.

Chicken Pozole Blanco
Chicken Pozole Blanco Recipe

A traditional Mexican soup that, like many other soups, will only taste better the longer you let it simmer.

Turrón ice cream 1
Spanish Turrón Ice Cream

It’s Christmas again. No, wait, that’s not true! But Miriam Garcia turns a typical Christmas confectionery into an ice cream that deserves to be eaten all year.

Lent Recipe: Mexican Capirotada Bread Pudding

Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack shares her secret family recipe for the classic Mexican Lent bread pudding Capirotada.

Roasted Tomato And Fennel Soup

Scared of Fennel? Don’t be. Ewa Sack has a fantastic soup recipe for the fennel novice.

Brown Rice With Chick Peas And Split Peas

Brady Evans decides to turn what could have been a comfy one pot dinner into a restaurant worthy dish.

Endive And Fennel With Tarragon Avgolemono Sauce

Jessica Flanigan with a Greek sauce that makes her forget her dreams of Hollandaise.

Chicken Chili Verde With Beans

Chili means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Laura Davis “invents” her own version.

Dried Strawberries With Honey And Yogurt For Peaceful Mornings

There’s nothing like a great breakfast to get your day started just right. Amy Ta with her favorite morning dish.

Shanghai: Din Tai Fung

Taiwanese restaurant chain Din Tai Fung is famous almost throughout the world, and Cindy Wang is impressed with their Shanghai outpost.

Yes You Can: Beer Cans Make A Comeback

Many small American craft brewers are realizing that cans are still the best way to preserve their liquid gold.

Cheesecake Part 2 – The Ultimate Version

Tamara Novacoviç digs deeper into her cheesecake addiction, and finally comes up with her suggestion for the ultimate cheesecake recipe.

Quooker Kalle Bergman
Testing: The Quooker – Boiling Water Tap

Hate the process of boiling water? Then perhaps the Quooker is something for you.

Getting Your Mango Fix In Bangkok

With mango season arriving in Thailand, Jessica Smith turns to Mango Tango for her daily mango fix.

Shrimp Duet By Kalle Bergman
Shrimp Cocktail Toast And Creamy Shrimp Soup

A recipe that is really two recipes. A seafood symphony, or more correctly, a shrimp duet.

Cooking The Magazines: Raisin And Pine Nut Asparagus

Natalie McLaury checks out the magazines, and decides to welcome spring with this asparagus dish.

Sydney: Greek Feast At Perama, Petersham

Maria Laitinen checks out Perama, a traditional Greek restaurant with a contemporary twist in the outskirts of Sydney.

Lemon Cream Cake
Lemon Cream Cake

This lemon cream cake, fit for a fancy party or just a weekend treat, is as delicious as it is pretty.

Photo Tour: Feijoada In Rio de Janeiro, Cidad Maravilhosa

Joan Nova travels to the Marvelous City, and discovers food that is as belly bursting as it is delicious.

Go Nuts With Granola

Making your own granola is something Honest Cooking applauds. Healthier, tastier and a lot more fun than store bought versions.

Beer Can Chicken Tacos

Eli Shayotovich rolls out the barbecue, and introduces a chicken to a can of Oskar Blues Pale Ale.

Photo Tour: O.C. Farmer’s Markets

Nagalakshmi Viswanathan travels from Singapore to the O.C. and falls in love with the Farmer’s Markets that remind her of her childhood India.

greek ocean view
Deliciously Greek – Go To Greece With Golden Diples

Diples, a classic Greek sweet treat, is served hot and fresh from the fryer by Pam Kanavos.

Cottage Dreams And Semi Slow Cooked Lamb With Anchovy

Johanna Kindvall dreams of being able to source ultra local lamb meat at her summer cottage.

Fresh Berry Salad With Vanilla Yoghurt And Almonds - Photo By Mads Damgaard
Fresh Berry Salad With Vanilla Yoghurt And Almonds

Unless you insist on picking the berries yourself, this dessert is so simple we’re not even sure it’s a recipe.

Sense Memory: The Heart And Soul Of Rice In A Bowl

Denise Sakaki digs into how memories of a bowl of rice can accompany you from childhood and throughout life.

french toast with syrup
Weekend Brunch: Spiked French Toast

French toast is a brunch classic that most people love. Meet the adult version.

Hello Spring: Spinach Pesto

Tamara Novacoviç welcomes spring, and the annoying sound of lawnmowers, with this lovely Spinach Pesto.

Banana Chiffon Cake
Fluffy Banana Chiffon Cake

Amrita Rawat makes a case for chiffon cakes, and offers a banana variation that sells us on the concept.

Amsterdam: Restaurant De Kas

Ten years after opening, De Kas is still delivering good quality food – and you can now finally get a table.

Cooking Classes And Chicken Saltimbocca With Shaved Lemon Fennel Salad

Valerie Harrison takes a cooking class with Chef Darin Paterson, and comes back with a few new tricks up her sleeve.

El Bulli – Shadowing ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentices’, Lisa Abend Interview

Serge Lescouarnec sits down with Lisa Abend – who spent a season in the kitchen with Ferran Adrià, and then went on to write a book about the experience.

Slavic Cabbage Rolls, My First Attempt

Nancy Lopez-McHugh decides to try making homemade stuffed cabbage rolls for the first time. We think they turn out pretty great.

Raspberry Mazarine By Kalle Bergman
Raspberry Mazarines

True love is behind this Raspberry Mazarine, as the creator of the recipe is actually allergic to it herself.

Taipei: VVG Bon Bon

Cindy Wang discovers a Taipei wonderland of cupcakes and sweets that would have appealed to the Queen of France herself.

Japanese Style Beef Curry Toast Tapas

Vancouver based Wilson Mak serves a great Japanese influenced tapa that is sure to be a smash hit as an hors d’oeuvre or an appetizer.

Grandma’s Rustic Fruit Cake

Tamara Novacoviç finds her Grandma’s recipe notebook and decides to give a rustic fruit cake a try. It turns out fabulous.

Rock Cornish Hen
Spring Chicken Name Confusion

Rock Cornish Game Hen, Poussin or Spring Chicken? Same tasty bird, different names.

Ginger Soda And Ginger Candy: Double Duty Recipe

Laura Davis about the health benefits of ginger, and how you can make yourself some “good-conscience” candy and soda.

Linguini with Garlic & Mushrooms
Linguini With Garlic And Mushrooms

Often, the simplest pastas are also the best tasting pastas. This one certainly falls in to that category.

Deutschlicious: Spelt, Ancient Comeback Grain

Steen Hanssen goes all grainy on us, and sings the praises of Spelt, an ancient wheat variety in the midst of a comeback.

Japanese Soba Noodles

Soba noodles are delicious both warm and cold. This lovely cold soba salad from Karen Chan is no exception.

Cauliflower Soup By Kalle Bergman
Smooth Cauliflower Soup With Garlic Bread

Cauliflower is one of the veggies we all hated when we were kids. Now, we make soup with it instead.

Cucumber Lime Margarita
Not Just For College: Cucumber Lime Margarita Jello Shots

Jello shots may invoke memories of crazy college parties, but they can actually be both elegant and delicious.

Coffee Labs Sumatra
Coffee Labs Concocts A Decent Sumatran

Bill Walsh tests Coffee Labs Roaster’s Sumatra Mandhelding, and ends up with a decent cup of coffee.

Carb Alternative: Polenta Crust

Tired of potatoes, rice and pasta as the traditional sources of carbs? Try polenta – simple, versatile and delicious.

Eating With The Locals In Puerto Rico

Joan Nova goes to Puerto Rico, and comes back with some fantastic tips to local eateries and food.

Fresh Organic Strawberry Scones

Organic strawberry season is upon us, and Laura Davis celebrates by presenting a delicious strawberry scones recipe.

Polish Pierogi

Eastern European food is getting more attention globally, and with Kelsey Hilts delicious Polish recipe, we join the movement.

Roasted Pumpkin And Pearl Barley Risotto

This beautiful barley risotto is a colorful vegetarian dish served by Sydney based Maria Laitinen.

Cooking The Magazines: Kale, Potato, And Onion Frittata

Natalie McLaury decided to find a new way of preparing the health trendy kale, and found this fantastic frittata in her pile of magazines.

Herb Roasted Chicken
Juicy and Crispy Herb Roasted Chicken

Oven roasted chicken is an absolute classic that is both amazingly good and quite easy to succeed with. Nancy Lopez-McHugh with the recipe.

Asparagus Soup with Bacon
Asparagus Soup With Bacon

With spring closing in, so is asparagus season. Seattle based Ewa Sack with the perfect recipe for Swedish asparagus soup with fried bacon.

Shoppers enjoying the Boeremark
Market Life In South Africa

Alida Ryder finally visits the Pretoria Farmer’s Market, and instantly falls in love with the selection of products, smells and tastes of this famous market.

Muffin Philosophy And Chocolate Orange Muffins

Tamara Novacoviç has a strangely ambivalent relationship to muffins, but still agrees to make her friends these delicious Chocolate Orange ones.

Pain Verte – Green Garlic Bread

Okay, so you made a huge amount of Sauce Verte the other day, and have a little left over? Make green garlic bread!

Asparagus with Spanish Chorizo Sausage
Asparagus With Spanish Chorizo Sausage

We say Hola to Diana Bauman, who cooks us a lovely spring tapa with asparagus and Spanish chorizo.

Cooking Croatia: The Sweet Centre In Karlovac

Tamara Novacoviç names “Sweet Centre” in the Croatian town of Karlovac one of the “Places We Love”.