NYC: Two Hotels, Two Vibes, Lots of Moxy

Enjoy great food, spectacular New York views, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning at two Moxy hotels in LES and Williamsburg.

heirloom tomato bisque
Heirloom Tomato Bisque

This soup is made with fresh heirloom tomatoes, apple juice and fennel, then seasoned with…

Grilled Argentinian Provoleta Cheese Dip
Provoleta – Argentinian Grilled Cheese Spread

Three ingredients. That’s all it takes to get yourself into oozing cheesy Argentinian nirvana with this easy to make provoleta.

Key West: Southernmost Beach Resort

Tucked in Historic Old Town on Key West’s serene Atlantic Coast lies The Southernmost Beach…

The Original Boston Cream Pie Recipe
The Original Boston Cream Pie

The 170 year old original Boston Cream Pie recipe, courtesy of Omni Parker House, is…

Plantain Empanadas Casa Carmen
Casa Carmen’s Legendary Plantain Empanadas with Refried Beans
This recipe hails from the Matriarch of Mexican flavor: Chef Titita. Deemed the most popular…
Dennis Huwaë: A Chef of Contrasts at Daalder in Amsterdam

Dennis Huwaë is the mastermind behind Daalder, an eclectic, upbeat and contemporary restaurant nestled in…

Safed Aloo Indian White Potato Curry
Safed Aloo: Rajasthani White Potato Curry

India is a place of such diversity that the food and ingredients can change entirely within a few miles you travel. Within the same region, there are differences and even bigger differences when you step into another state. A whole new world, a whole new meal.

Jordnær at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz: The Ultimate Winter Culinary Residency

Jordnær, the two Michelin-starred world renowned project of admired Danish chef Eric Vildgaard and his…

German Apfel Kuchen
Apfel Kuchen: German Apple Cake with Honey and Ginger

Kuchen is a German cake. This Kuchen is made with apples, honey, and ginger and is the perfect dessert, tea time snack, or with morning coffee.

Sweet and Spicy Red Pepper Jelly
Cheese’s Best Friend: Sweet and Spicy Pepper Jelly

The perfect fall cheese board is well balanced, with sweet, spicy, savory, creamy, and crunchy elements. Check out this spread served with a sweet and spicy pepper jelly and a wine to match.

Hotel Ruth Stockholm – The Best Breakfast in Scandinavia?

On a quiet, and rather unassuming corner in a residential area of central Stockholm lies a little gem of a hotel. Say hello to Hotel Ruth.

Red Wine Barbecue Pork Ribs
Grilled Red Wine BBQ Pork Ribs

Make a finger-lickin’ good red wine barbecue sauce to slather over your grilled ribs and then easily serve the same wine with the smoky meal.

Beet Mole with Kumquat Habanero Kosho
Loaded with beets, tahini, fennel, and kumquat, this pink mole takes its inspiration from Mexico…
Sicilian Crostata with Orange Marmalade
Sicilian Crostata with Orange Marmalade

This delicious Italian crostata is ideal for a winter breakfast or snack and filled with a vibrant blood orange marmalade.

Whole branzino, stuffed with herbs and lemons, quickly touched by the flames of the grill, and served with lemon and herb infused olive oil. 
Whole Grilled Branzino with Lemon Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs

Whole branzino, stuffed with herbs and lemons, quickly touched by the flames of the grill, and served with lemon and herb infused olive oil. 

Smoked Gouda and Bacon Dip
Party Food: Smoked Gouda and Bacon Dip

Creamy and loaded with bacon and smoked gouda, this warm dip is destined to be the star of your holiday party. Pair the appetizer with wine and you’re on the road to hosting success.

Arizona: A Wellness Vacation at Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa

Inspired by the colors of Morocco and the mountains of Southern Spain, the Omni Scottsdale offers a serene desert retreat for travelers.

The world famous Peking duck from Shang Palace
Shang Palace – Regal Cantonese Dining in the Heart of Paris

Restaurant Shang Palace celebrates traditional Cantonese cuisine in a lushly serene setting where diners are…

Crispy Baked Rosemary Polenta Fries
Crispy Baked Rosemary Polenta Fries

Delicious when dusted with a smoked sage salt or dipped in a garlic aioli, these baked polenta fries are a wonderfully crisp side.

Traditional Ossobuco Milanese Recipe
Traditional Milanese Ossobuco with Gremolata

Traditionally served with gremolata and a small spoon to enjoy the marrow from the bone, ossobuco is a classic Milanese dish that is known around the world.

Private Cruise on the Seine
Paris Exclusive: A Private Cruise on the Seine

Paris never ceases to captivate its visitors with legendary allure. Imagine seeing its grandeur from a new perspective, gliding on the Seine.

Cioppini - Italian American Seafood Stew
How to Make Cioppino: Italian-American Seafood Stew

Born from the humble kitchens of Liguria, but perfected on the coast of California, this stew is rustic, flavorful, and delicious.

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream
The Perfect Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream doesn’t get any better than when it’s perfected at home. This recipe has the very helpful assistance of an ice cream maker, which makes it even easier!

Interview: Vegan Chef Lauren Von Der Pool

Lauren Von Der Pool’s switch to a plant based lifestyle and becoming a renowned vegan…

Tres Leches Cake Donuts with Dulce de Leche Glaze

Dive into these cake donuts soaked in tres leche milks and glazed in a dulce de leche topping.

Homemade Pita Bread
How to Make Pita Bread at Home

Learn how to make perfectly fluffy pita bread at home, and create the perfect vessel for falafel and shawarma, or for scooping up hummus and tzatziki.

Atlantic City: Ocean Casino Resort
Atlantic City: Ocean Casino Resort

Situated on the Jersey Shore, the Ocean Casino Resort offers stunning ocean views, high-end dining,…

Steak Pizzaiola
How to Make Steak Pizzaiola

This veal pizzaiola is a much loved Italian winter dish. The rich sauce can be served on top of pasta and roasted vegetables.

aRoqa Brings Modern Indian Cuisine to Downtown New York

ARoqa continues to create an elevated Indian dining experience donning Indian takes on tapas and…

Tomato and Asiago Cheese Stuffed Meatballs
Tomato and Asiago Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

Luscious bites, these meatballs are filled with a cherry tomato and asiago cheese.

Brown Butter Spaghetti with Anchovies
Brown Butter Spaghetti with Charred Lemon and Anchovies

A simple recipe that is so satisfying with bright acidity from lemons, salty anchovies, and rich butter to coat the spaghetti.

Putangitangi Duck Ice Cream Cake: The ‘Illegal’ Dessert of New Zealand

When a native species of duck is illegal to serve, a daring chef takes extraordinary measures to innovate and recreate it as a provocative dessert.

Nutella Tiramisu
Nutella Tiramisu – A Marriage of Two Italian Icons

A traditional tiramisu recipe layered with a chocolate-hazelnut Nutella cream is a delicious take on the classic dessert.

Mohinga Soup Burmese
Mohinga – How to Make Burmese Fish Noodle Soup

Spicy, umami broth, a perfectly boiled egg, a wedge of lime, and delicious noodles makes a perfect Burmese Mohinga soup.

Extra Everything: Monte-Carlos Stunning Les Ambassadeurs Restaurant

Looking for a luxurious restaurant to explore on your next European trip? Look no further…

Braised Lamb with Sardinian Fregola
Slow-Braised Lamb with Italian Fregola Sarda

Slow cooked lamb neck doused in a rich reduced sauce is served over fregola sarda to soak up the flavors and then brightened with lemon slices.

Koi: Asian Fusion is Alive and Well in NYC

Closing in on two decades, with its Zen-inspired atmosphere, still Koi offers upscale Asian fusion…

Gstaad Palace Hotel
Luxury Hotels in Switzerland With the Best Views

Feast on views of the ‘real’ Switzerland at any of these luxury hotels, offering unmatched…

Beer Brined Pork Schnitzel
Beer Brined Austrian Pork Schnitzel

It’s the season for german beers, beer brined pork chops, and making schnitzel.

Capri Pasta Salad
Capri Summer Pasta Salad

Brimming with authentic Italian ingredients, this Capri-inspired summer dish is a flavorful mini-vacation, whisking you off to sun-drenched Italian shores in mere minutes.

Gremillet Cuvee Evidence
Wine of the Week: Champagne Gremillet Brut Cuvée Evidence

The Cuvee Evidence is festive in every aspect of its being. From the bottle design…

Braised Bison Osso Buco
Lemongrass Braised Bison Osso Buco

Visit Durham Ranch located in Wyoming, where you can roam with and hunt the American Bison. Take some cuts home and enjoy a healthier, richer flavored version of beef.

No-Churn Summer Gelato

A creamy nectarine gelato is swirled with a homemade raspberry syrup for a no-fail summer treat.

Julemont Restaurant Chateau Wittem
Julemont, Netherlands: The Culinary Treasure of a Medieval Castle

Guido Braeken is the chef of an impeccable restaurant located in one of the rooms…

Wine of the Week: Devaux Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune 2021

A young wine, lively and vibrant, but with a healthy amount of stringent tannins to…

The Big Mediterranean Salad
The Big Mediterranean Salad

Loaded with pomegranate and chimichurri and tahini dressing, smoked trout, grilled halloumi, and topped with a poached egg, this kale bowl proves that salads can be anything but boring.

ElNico Brooklyn: Inventive Mexican Fare and Skyline Views

ElNico serves imaginative Mexican food, decadent drinks and Manhattan skyline views all from a Williamsburg…

Ama Paris Restaurant
Ama Paris – Vibrant Cooking With a Club Vibe

Clinging to an unassuming corner in the 10th arrondissement in Paris, Ama caters to the…

Chorizo and Cheese Croquettes
Chorizo and Cheese Croquettes

Chorizo and cheese potato croquettes with red wine sauce are a savory and spicy fried delight that will take your taste buds to heaven. A perfect party starter.

Shake Things up With 5 New Margarita Recipes

While the classic margarita is undeniably thirst-quenching, we’ve got a few new party tricks to…

Jade Mountain: The Jewel of St. Lucia

The Jade Mountain is an ultra-luxury resort in St. Lucia offering breathtaking views of the Piton Mountains and Caribbean Sea.

Raclette Potatoes au Gratin

If you’re looking for a hearty, creamy side dish that is perfect for a cold day and can be made with little effort, then look no further than this comforting potatoes raclette.

Inside the ModernHaus SoHo Hotel in New York

Spun as a living room for New Yorkers and visitors alike, ModernHaus SoHo offers a…

Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings
Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Achieve the perfect balance of crunch and flavor with baked lemon pepper chicken wings that deliver all the satisfaction of a deep-fried treat, sans the frying.

Squid ink seafood pasta
Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia: Squid Ink Calamari Pasta

Lighten things up with a refreshing seafood dish served over dark squid ink pasta for a stunning presentation.

Summer Sunset - Cocktail With Edible Flowers
Summer Sunset: Cocktail With Edible Flowers

In this floral gin-based drink, fresh lime juice and orchid contrasts the infused hibiscus rosemary…

Beer Steamed Mussels with Aioli
Beer Steamed Mussels with Garlic-Lemon Aioli

Served in a bright, lemony beer and herb broth, these mussels are simple, but so delicious. Enjoy with a crusty bread and garlic-lemon aioli to soak up the rich liquid.

Malaysian BBQ Chicken Wings
Malaysian BBQ Chili Chicken Wings

These smoky, spicy Malaysian chicken wings can be grilled over coals or roasted in the oven for some of the best chicken of your life.

Ocean Restaurant: The Evolution of Hans Neuner

Hans Neuner is the unlikely Austrian chef that brought Portuguese cuisine to new heights. It…