Blood Orange Polenta Cake

This Blood Orange Polenta Cake is a true pleasure. Easy to make, easy to decorate, and easy to eat. The end result is a nutty, zesty cake with tons of flavor packed into a very simple, dense dessert.

Here’s the thing about simple cakes that don’t require layering or icing: they’re awesome. All you need is a pan (I love this loose-bottomed one, which makes the cake easy to pop out in one piece after it’s baked), some basic ingredients, and time. These types of cakes like this blood orange polenta cake are weekday cakes, the kind you can whip up and have with a cup of tea in the evening right before bed.

The recipe for this blood orange polenta cake comes directly from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook 5 Ingredients, which is one of my go-to meal planning cookbooks. The cookbook is really simple, boiling down everything from a tender slow-cooked lamb shoulder to various riffs on pasta dishes that are family crowd-pleasers. Every recipe requires just five ingredients (besides olive oil, salt and pepper), and it’s the one cookbook I find myself reaching for over and over again. The end result is a nutty, zesty cake with tons of flavor packed into a very simple, dense dessert.

The only major difference with my recipe is that I added fresh springs of mint to the simple syrup that you trickle over the cake once it’s been baked for an extra dash of freshness. The cake turned out delightfully moist, full of flavor, and absolutely perfect with a hot cup of tea. If this is the one tidbit of English culture that I take with me back to the US, it’ll be this cake-and-tea in the afternoon habit. Maybe you can join me?

Click HERE for the recipe.

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