Trisha Jones

I am originally from England but I am now living and baking like a maniac in Berlin. Noone would deny that I have a relentless sweettooth, but you will see the odd savory dish on my blog - Sugar Thumb - normally when I am going through a "I should cut down on sugar" phase!

Blood Orange Cheesecake

Soft, sweet cheesecake combines with tart blood orange syrup for a refreshing dessert with a fun touch of bright color.

Miniature Plum Cakes

Individual plum cakes are simply to make and bring vibrant color and rich almond flavor to a fall table.

Walnut Loaf Cake

Healthy loaf cake (?) with walnut, yoghurt and vanilla


We Love Eclairs

Eclairs of all different kinds: There is the classic Eclair with chocolate glaze and creme patissiere, the Eclairs with with rosewater glaze – and the ones with white chocolate glaze and mango creme patissiere…

Hazelnut, Cinnamon and Chocolate Biscotti

When you HAVE to wear socks in your house to stop from getting pneumonia – even with the heating on. That’s when I like to have a cup of black coffee with a hazelnut, cinnamon and chocolate Biscotti.


Rock Cakes with Jam

Rock cakes with jam, nutella, honey or even fruit yoghurt – perfect for a midday snack.