Michelle Tchea

Michelle Tchea is a 4-time bestselling author. Her books include, Building a Perfect Meal, My Little SoHo Kitchen, Signature Dishes (Australia's Best) and Chefs Collective. Her work can be found in other leading luxury travel and food magazines including Travel+Leisure Asia, SMILE, NUVO Magazine and The Telegraph

A Chef’s Guide to Solothurn, Switzerland

When visiting Switzerland, most travelers head to major cities like Geneva, Lausanne, or Zurich, but if you want old-world charm with delicious food, Solothurn is a must-see. Check out this Chef’s Guide to Solothurn.

Simple Farmer Chicken from the Left Bank of Paris

Also called Poultry and Orchard, this simple farmer chicken is a perfect French recipe to make at home. It’s made with beautiful roots and vegetables and served with a mango-pineapple sauce.

The Best Apple Strudel In The World

Is this the best Apple Strudel in the world? Possibly. It’s time for you to judge this recipe from Vienna, Austria.


Strawberry Buchteln Rolls

Make Mom a pan of these strawberry preserve-filled European sweet rolls, buchteln. Serve with a Riesling sauce for added decadence.

Spring Carrot Soup

Gloriously delightful ingredients come together to create a stunning spring carrot soup with a hint of winter and a topping of focaccia croutons.

Better for You Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Our resolutions are still in effect and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Try this nutritiously rosy beetroot chocolate cake that is perfectly sweet and soft.

The Almost New York Cheesecake

Cheesecake may not seem like a healthy dessert, but try this version made with ricotta cheese or European Quark.