Lauren Clason

Lauren is a freelance writer based in Washington, DC. She is known to order the most bizarre thing on the menu when dining out, and she still calls her mother when she can't remember Grandma's recipes.

East Meets West at Ping Pong’s New Brunch

Ever want scrambled eggs in your egg roll or green tea in French toast? Ping Pong in Washington, D.C., has a brunch menu for East-West cravings on a weekend

DC Dives: Ivy and Coney

Tiger and Cub banners are the only markers outside this bar. Equipped with a hot dog warmer, the bar does 3 things: Chicago dogs, Detroit coneys and booze.

DC Dives: American Ice Company

A turn-of-the-century ice company is reinvented as a “beers and steers” hangout in DC. Whiskey, mason jars, and barbecue abound.

DC Dives: Earl’s Sandwiches

Earl’s fresh roasted sandwiches in DC are “homemade without the hassle.” The sandwich joint boasts a menu of 40 options.