Audrey Ling

The whole process of toiling in the kitchen and later taking pictures of what comes of it is a symbiosis of my hobbies – a perfectly crafted deal for me. All of these hobbies allow me to learn something new every day. When it comes to food and cooking, I love trying out a bit of everything (that’s my style) – from learning how to cook and plate in Michelin style to attempting local Singaporean dishes at home; from replicating remote flavours and delights to retaining family legacies and traditional essences. I hope to share my passion and joy with the larger community of food and photography bloggers and enthusiasts out there.

Chili Oil Wontons

These pork-filled wontons are doused in chili oil and vinegar sauce to be a tangy, spicy, juicy bite we can’t get enough of.

Buchteln: Austrian Sweet Rolls

Common in Austria, these yeast-raised rolls are a baked delight wrapped around sweet apricot jam. Yes, they take time. Yes, they are totally worth it


Cauliflower Tots

With the texture of a crispy tater tot, these cauliflower bites are made with Parmesan cheese and are quite addictive. This is one fun way to eat your vegetables.

Pineapple Fried Rice

This dish, commonly served right in a pineapple in Thailand, is a great mix of sweet and savory with a hint of spicy chilies to liven up the fresh shrimp side dish.