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A Lovely Lunch at the SLS Hotel in South Beach, Miami

A Lovely Lunch at the SLS Hotel in South Beach, Miami

A Lovely Lunch at the SLS Hotel in South Beach, Miami

Even though the SLS is an upscale establishment, the food is pure simplicity prepared in an extraordinary way.
By Brenda Benoit


On a Tuesday afternoon, I picked up my eldest daughter for a mother-daughter lunch. We headed to South Beach because for some reason it is a good place to make memories, as it is so different from where we live even though it is in Miami.

It was a cool and breezy afternoon, but still warm so for starters, something refreshing was the ideal choice.

We started with a Gazpacho al Estilo de Patricia. This gazpacho has a good reputation and that is why we ordered it. We are not normally gazpacho fans as what was tasted in the past resembled salsa from a jar. This version was made with tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and other ingredients liquidized and then poured over vegetable garnishes.

Gazpacho al estilo de Patricia
Gazpacho al estilo de Patricia

The final result was a brilliant orange soup with crunchy bits of veggies decorated with micro greens and flowers. Just looking at it was enchanting and actually tasting it, was worth a celebration. By far, the most delicious gazpacho we ever tasted.

Who can resist the crispy crunchiness of Fried Chicken? Well, we did not make any effort to fight temptation and indulged in these little savory chicken lollipops. There were served with rémoulade (a French inspired sauce created with a mayonnaise base) and the big, timeless flavor of fried chicken shone through although lighter and more tantalizing; it was nothing more than utter joy, complete and simple bliss with each bite.

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

What are Huevos a la Cubana?  It is a simple Spanish (or Catalán) comfort food that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is one of the all time favorite Spanish home cooked dishes. Huevos a la Cubana, or eggs, Cuban Style was originated in Cuba (once a Spanish colony) and was eventually brought back to Spain.

A Lovely Lunch at the SLS Hotel in South Beach, Miami
Huevos a la Cubana

The eggs were fried until the edges just started to turn crispy and then served with white rice, tomato sauce, fried bananas and bacon. A simple dish, a mélange of flavors joining together like best friends on a plate. It was such a pleasure to eat this, tasting it almost felt like a hug from someone close and dear.

For dessert we opted for the Key Lime Pie, a deconstructed version that is: yogurt-lime cream, graham cracker and toasted meringue, each element of a classical key lime pie served separately. This was a great showstopper of a dessert: a beautiful and delicate presentation with the flavor of a happy day.

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Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie

I was fortunate to get to taste anything at all, as my daughter tried to monopolize dish after dish using the excuse: “It is so good Mommy, what am I supposed to do?”

The service was exceptional and so were the surroundings. The dining experience still makes us smile just by remembering it. Even though the SLS is an upscale establishment, the food we tasted that day was pure simplicity prepared in an extraordinary way.

SLS Hotel Miami Beach

1701 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL  33139 | (305) 674-1701

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