The Yuzu Jasmine Sour

Made with gin and Japanese shochu, this citrus-y yuzu flip has hints of jasmine tea and is just refreshing enough for a January reset.

Brunch Idea: Soft Boiled Egg with Spicy Sriracha Caviar

A runny brunch egg is topped with flavorful sriracha gems and Japanese flavors to remind you of a bowl of ramen with a soft egg.

Katsu Fried Chicken and Rice Burger

Ditch the usual wheat bread bun. Crispy fried katsu chicken is served with a Japanese curry sauce and served between a chewy rice bun.

Feed Your Creativity — Teriyaki Tempeh and Wild Garlic Havarti Sushi Roll

A vegetarian and gluten-free roll filled with teriyaki baked tempeh, Wild Garlic Havarti cheese, scallions, carrots, and sesame sautéed shiitake mushrooms.