Canard à la Presse by Chef Ulrik Jepsen from Restaurant À L’aise in Oslo

Since the opening, À L’aise has been lauded for bringing a high level of classic…

Duck Breast à L’Orange

It always feels like Parisians have it all together. Laurent Buttazzoni has put out a cookbook complete with tips so that at least we can nail the cooking and entertaining part of being a Parisian. Checkout these tips from “Diner à La Maison: A Parisian’s Guide to Cooking and Entertaining at Home.”

Refreshing Apple and Calvados Sorbet

If you like to eat according to the seasons, you know that summer and fall…

French Baked Eggs and Toast

Eggs are baked until runny with cream soaked toast for this easy, savory version of French toast, also known as oeufs au plat Bressanne.

Parmesan, Leek and Smoky Sausage Cassoulet

Settle in to make this rich, comforting Parmesan, Leek and Smoky Sausage Cassoulet paired with French Languedoc wine.

Fennel and Duck Cassoulet with Languedoc Wine

Celebrate the season of cassoulet by warming up with this hearty fennel and duck cassoulet paired with French Languedoc wines. Be sure to enter the giveaway to win a cassoulet kit for yourself.

Pumpkin Spice Buttercream Macarons

These fall-hued French macarons are filled with a sweet and seasonal pumpkin spice buttercream.

Hazelnut Praline Chocolate Millefeuille

Many layers of caramelized puff pastry, praline cream and an Amaretto chocolate ganache make up this classically French Chocolate Millefeuille.

Simple Farmer Chicken from the Left Bank of Paris

Also called Poultry and Orchard, this simple farmer chicken is a perfect French recipe to make at home. It’s made with beautiful roots and vegetables and served with a mango-pineapple sauce.

Lavender Buttercream Macarons

Celebrate the flowering of summer’s lavender with these stunning lavender buttercream macarons.

How to Prepare and Serve Bone Marrow

You’ve had the sinfully rich, buttery, fatty bone marrow dishes at restaurants and not it’s time to make your own at home. Here’s how to prepare and serve bone marrow.

Apricot-Filled Gluten Free Crepes

These grain and gluten free crepes are filled with sweet apricot preserves and are the perfect easy, but still special breakfast for Mother’s Day or any brunch occasion.

Love at First Bite: How to Make the Perfect Pâté

To celebrate the season love in true spirit Executive Chef Westermann of Le Coq Rico and his team, shares their Pâté en Croûte recipe with us.

How to Make French Omelette

Making a French omelette can seem like a daunting task, but with a few tips and the right pan you will be well on your way to perfection.

Chocolate Mocha Madeleines

Served with a glass of milk or a strong cup of coffee, these rich chocolate mocha madeleines are delightful and will make you feel quite French after one nibble.

Two Cheese Potato Galette

A potato galette receives a twist by adding shallots, herbs and grated Gruyere and parmesan. True elegant winter comfort food.

French Patisserie Made Simple

A beautiful gift or addition to a baker’s bookshelf, this French cookbook simplifies classic recipes and inspires modern sweet with traditional methods. Each recipe can accomplished in a home kitchen.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank

Cooked low and slow for seven hours, this tender lamb meat is served with a rich sauce from cooking with a crusty bread and some vegetables. A perfect meal for a cold day.

Blueberry and Custard Cake

A rich French custard cake is lightened with a tangy blueberry sauce that all sit in a cookie butter crust before being topped with a lemon frosting.

Madeleines de Commercy

Madeleines are the perfect treat for breakfast or afternoon tea. Sweet but not too much, with fresh ingredients and lovely vanilla flavor.

Bourbon Buttercream and Cocoa Nib Macarons

Bourbon buttercream fills light chocolate macarons topped with a crunch of cocoa nibs for bold flavor that is hard to find outside of Paris.

Tarte Tatin with Plantains

Sweet, caramelized plantains are nestled in puff pastry and served with coconut for a simply delicious dessert.

How to Make Buttery Palmiers

Buttery, sweet, and flaky with caramel flavors, palmiers are so easy to make. Once you master puff pastry, you are on your way to having these French sweets

Recreating Parisian Macarons

If Spring were a cookie, it would be a macaron. Join The Vermont Epicure as she learns how to make them in Paris.

Colorful Plum Galette

Pretend you are at a Parisian patisserie and make this stunningly simple plum tart with a drizzle of plum glaze when it comes out of the oven.

How to Make Onion Confit

Onion confit is a delicious sweet-savory onion jam originating from France. It’s great in warm sandwiches, omelets, and on grilled beef or lamb. Try it!

Triple Cheese Fondue at La Caleche in Chamonix, France

La Calèche in Chamonix is an alpine haven full of French comfort food. Try their famed fondue with its masterfully layered flavor and satisfying warmth.

Vegan Sweet or Savory Crêpes

With a touch of spice, create delicate sweet or savory crepes without the use of eggs or butter.

Orange Crisp Galette with Honey

Simple galettes should not be reserved solely for summer. Celebrate winter with a bright orange pastry topped with an oatmeal crisp and sweet honey.

Hachis Parmentier: French Shepherd’s Pie

Hachis Parmentier is a classic French shepherd’s pie made with beef in a red wine sauce and the fluffiest mashed potatoes you will ever have.

Winter Ragout with Kale and Quinoa

This inviting stew is a perfect home-style dinner. A ragout of winter veggies: turnip, carrots, brussels sprouts, tossed in tomato sauce with quinoa.

How to Make an Elegant Croquembouche

An icon of French celebration, this sweet structure is made of pastry puffs held together by smooth caramel.

Bûche de Noël Made with Fresh Chestnuts and Chocolate

Chocolate and chestnuts combine for an alternative Yule Log that makes a delicious dessert with a beautiful presentation.

How to Make Wild Mushroom Soufflé

Rye flour and mushrooms are what makes this meal substantial. It is light, airy but filling, flavorful and impressive enough for guests.

Parsnip Gratin with Thyme

A cozy food to keep you warm with plenty of cream to bring on a satisfying winter hibernation.

Ginger-Vanilla Creme Brûlée with Mango Sauce

Simple, but perfectly sweet, creme brûlée is an elegant dessert especially when the custard is steeped with vanilla beans and ginger and topped with mango.

Master French Cuisine: Cheese Soufflé

Discover the basics to creating the savory version of this French delicacy. Remember, whipping is the key.

Caramelized Carrot and Goat Cheese Tarte Tatin

Caramelized carrots with goat cheese and thyme are tucked into a skillet beneath a layer of pastry dough and baked to create a beautiful upside down tart.

Tagliatelle Timbale with Rice Béchamel

Create a hearty pasta timbale with a béchamel that can be tweaked to be dairy free, if needed.

Making Marjolaine: The Greatest Almond Dacquoise Cake

Marjolaine is a cake with beautiful play of textures between smooth and chewy, soft and crunchy that you get all in one bite.

Coffee Cream Eclairs

Eclair, profiterole, cream puff, whatever you like to call it, they are a treat. Not too sweet with waves of whipped coffee cream and chocolate ganache.

Ridiculously Delicious Ratatouille

Hailing from Provence, ratatouille is a dish to take you back, with memories, to its origin. Go on, make this vegetable ode to France and sunny summers.

Refreshing Lemon Tart from Jacques Genin

On a hot day, few thing can quench thirst like a French lemon tart. For a tart filling and a sweet crust follow Jacques Genin’s, of France, lead.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Eggs en Cocotte

An elegant French dish that is easy to execute. Bake the eggs in small ramekins with cheese and vegetables until just set.

Watermelon and Tomato Salad by Chef Michael Wurster of Gordon Ramsay at The London

An eye-catching watermelon salad with sherry vinegar, herbs, tomatoes and feta. Summery and delicious, this is a beautiful way to present fresh produce

Rhubarb Soufflé with Hazelnuts

Totally delicious and of course fluffy, this vibrant soufflé will rise to meet all your expectations. Top with a warm hazelnut crumble.

Almond Poppyseed Crêpe Cake

Almond poppy seed crêpes layered with almond whipped cream and raspberry jam make a sweet cake worthy of a fancy breakfast or any other special occasion.

Top Tips For Making Macarons

Top Ten Tips For Making Macarons

The French knew what they were doing when they invented the Macaron. And Amrita Rawat knows how you can succeed with macarooning at home.

French Master Chef Sylvain Harribey’s Cotes D’Agneau

An herb marinated lamb chop, succulent spring-time fare from Master French Chef Harribey of Gaby Sofitel NYC.

The Perfect Buttery, Flaky Kouign Amann

Learn the secret of making and pronouncing the buttery Kouign Amann pastry.

Foie Gras Appetizer Preparation History Recipe

Simple Foie Gras Preparation

Luxurious foie gras no longer has to be reserved for restaurants. Follow these steps to create the French version of the rich appetizer.

Super Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe

Super Simple Chocolate Cake

Sometimes you need a quick and simple – but delicious – dessert fix. This chocolate cake certainly fits the bill.

Fromage Fort Recipe

Fromage Fort Recipe

Formage fort, is simply the easiest, more delicious, and most rustic way to give leftover cheese a new breath of life.

Gooseberry Tart

Gooseberry Tart

Gooseberries are surprisingly tart and although they cook down into a juicy filling, this galette would be best served with a dollop of ice cream or creme fraiche.

Chive, Chili and Cheese Soufflé

Chive, Chili and Cheese Soufflé

This stunning soufflé makes a perfect light Summer dinner.

Castello Alps Cheese Souffle Recipe

Decadent Alps Cheese Soufflé

Making soufflé is easier than you think, and it makes for a super festive dish to serve at your next dinner party.

Castello Cheese Paignets

Three Cheese and Fig Paignets with Castello Alps Selection

A delicious take on Paignets, with three alpine cheeses from Castello and a delicious fig filling.

Cheese Crackers Hirten Castello

Castello Alps Selection Hirten Cheese Crackers

Faith Gorsky enjoys the Castello Alps Selection Hirten cheese so much, she turns it into crackers that she tops with even more cheese.

Tarte Tatin By John Nevado

Cooking With Roses – Tarte Tatin with Rose Vanilla Sauce

John Nevado takes on the ultra classic dessert Tarte Tatin, and adds even more romance to a legendary dish.

Autumn Pumpkin Recipe

Creamy Parmesan Roasted Mini Pumpkins

This delicious autumn dish takes a while to prepare, but it is definitely worth the wait.