Dalmatian Fig Tart

A Dalmatian fig tart? Your guess was as good as ours. It’s Dalmatinska kola? od smokvi in Croatian. And it’s Dalmatian because it comes from the Dalmatian coast. This custardy, creamy, fig tart that is oh-so-good.

Croatian Cheese Galette

Savory or sweet, this soft Croatian cheese pie, or galette, is a delicious dessert or appetizer in a flaky crust.

Croatian Honey Pie

Thin cinnamon-honey biscuits layered with vanilla cream and jam make for an authentic Croatian pie.

Gibanica Recipe

Croatian Gibanica Cake

Gibanica, also called Medimurje gibanica, is a traditional Croatian cake baked for special occasions.

Ajvar – Traditional Red Pepper Spread

Ajvar – traditional red pepper spread. Learn how to make – the traditional Croatian roasted pepper mixture, sometimes referred to as vegetarian caviar.

plum jam

Plum Jam

This beautiful plum jam is a great way to preserve summer fruit and brightens breakfasts and tea time all through the winter.

Potato Dumplings

Potato Dumplings With Plums

Potato dumplings filled with plums can be served as a dessert or as a sweet lunch.

coratian cheese pie

Croatian Cheese Pie

This pie is a beloved Croatian version of cheesecake-like desserts with two layers of pastry surrounding the creamy filling.