No-Banana Smoothie

Not into banana smoothies? We get it. They can become a bit redundant. Check out this delicious, protein-packed, no-banana smoothie recipe.

Almond Butter and Blueberry Smoothie

From the vibrant color to the great taste, this Almond Butter and Blueberry Smoothie is a winner.

Summer Berry Smoothie Bowl

This smooth, cool berry smoothie bowl is filled with summer fruit and is sure to start your morning off right.

How to Make a Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Making a Matcha Smoothie Bowl is easy! This version is fruity, refreshing, and spiked with a boost of energy to start your day right! Floral, sweet honey balances the earthy matcha in this creamy bowl.

Mango-Strawberry Smoothie

Bright and colorful, this Mango-Strawberry Smoothie recipe is delicious any time of the day. The smooth mango and tart strawberry not only compliment each other in color but are the perfect flavor combination.

Tropical Mango-Coconut Lassi

Sip on this refreshing tropical mango-coconut lassi made with fresh turmeric and pineapple for great flavor and color.

Cacao Nib and Cherry Smoothie

Dark cherry zucchini protein smoothie. This smoothie is so good and has been my go-to…

Tropical Piña Colada Smoothie Bowl

Have a taste of the tropics home with a quick and easy, dairy free Piña Colada Smoothie Bowl.

Spring Sunflower Butter Smoothie

The perfect post-workout smoothie or afternoon snack packed with protein and berries. Blend up this spring sunflower butter smoothie STAT.

5 Smoothies Depending on your Mood

Whether you’re feeling tired, sick or craving something sweet, check out these smoothies that are sure to boost your mood and nutrients.

Pineapple Mint Smoothie

Loaded with kale, pineapple, banana and mint, this refreshing smoothie is ready to reset your tastebuds with delicious sweet flavor that doesn’t come from refined sugars.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie bowl doesn’t actually have jelly in it, but all the juicy fruits combines with peanut butter makes it taste just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Dig into this delightful acai smoothie bowl with chocolate and fresh cherries to taste like a chocolate covered cherry.

Berry Cobbler Smoothie

This smoothie tastes like you’re having dessert for breakfast, but is actually loaded with nutrients and summer berries.

Grapefruit Agave Smoothie

Tangy with sweet undertones, this grapefruit agave smoothie is loaded with yogurt to keep you full and energized.

Green Matcha Smoothie

Perfectly festive for St. Patrick’s Day, this delicious dairy-free breakfast or snack matcha smoothie is packed with fruit and a nutritious handful of spinach.

Mango Yogurt Shake

As the weather gets colder, the southern hemisphere is just starting to warm up! This mango yogurt shake is one of the drinks the people in New Zealand are sipping to stay cool.

Sweet Potato Smoothie

A filling smoothie that tastes like pie and has cancer-fighting properties? Yes please.

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

A healthy chocolatey smoothie filled with protein and perfect for post-workout.

Greener on the Other Side Smoothie

A sweet, vivid treat that tastes amazing and boosts your energy.

Gingerbread Spice Smoothie

Get ready for the holiday season with this creamy smoothie. Enjoy that beautiful gingerbread flavor that’s meant for this time of year.

A Healthy Smoothie That Tastes Like Pumpkin Pie

Turn your favorite seasonal pie into a healthy smoothie packed with vitamin A, potassium and fiber.

Vegan Chocolate Smoothie with Cinnamon

Almond milk and cacao powder create a delicious dessert-like drink that is filling enough for a breakfast on the go.

Blueberry Hazelnut Avocado Smoothie

This fruity, creamy smoothie is packed with anti-oxidants and delicious flavors perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Sweet Peach Coconut Milk Smoothie

Harmonious peaches and strawberries come together with coconut milk in this mouth-watering morning smoothie.

The Lemon Drop Smoothie

Start your day with a bright lemon smoothie packed with protein that will get your digestion off on the right foot and keep you nourished until lunch.

Fig-tastic Smoothie

Get on that fig grind if you haven’t already! This rich fig smoothie is a great place to start.

Rejuvenating Blueberry Smoothie with Spinach

Start the day right with this invigorating, blueberry smoothie filled with nutrition and sweet fruity flavors.

Sweet Peachy-Keen Smoothie

A smoothie that’ll get you excited for the morning. Start the day by satisfying your sweet tooth with a deceivingly healthy treat.

Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie with Raspberry

A truly drool-worthy smoothie to get your day started. Feel and taste the goodness of a magnificent chocolate, almond butter, and raspberry trio.

Sweet Sunflower Smoothie with Kale

A green smoothie with a sweet and salty balance. Experience the unique flavor of sunflower seed butter.

Powerful Purple Fruit Smoothie

Prunes, plums, beets, and blueberries give this nutrition-packed purple smoothie its beautiful hue and great flavor. Get blending!

Fresh Dandelion Fruit Smoothie

This imaginative green smoothie includes classic fruits such as banana, avocado, kiwi, and dates. Foraged herbs bring this recipe to life.

Detox Green Smoothie

It’s amazing how many healthy fruits and veggies you can pack into one green smoothie.

Berry and Chia Detox Smoothie

Every smoothie does not have to taste like banana. Find this berry version full of antioxidants and a touch of spinach and creamy coconut milk.

Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

No joke, this smoothie tastes like ice cream. Avocado gives it the perfect, soft texture and dates provide just enough sweetness for this strawberry smoothie.

Greek Yogurt Berry Smoothie

This greek yoghurt smoothie is filled with berries and other goodness to make one creamy, indulgent treat.

Spinach Watermelon Green Smoothie

An unusual mix of ingredients makes a sweet and refreshing smoothie packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Cantaloupe and Orange Smoothie

Make your melon sippable with this cool cantaloupe and orange smoothie that only needs three ingredients to be a quick morning drink.

Almond Blueberry Oat Smoothie

This vibrant purple smoothie is made without dairy, loaded with fiber from almonds, bananas, oats and blueberries and sweetened with honey.

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Topped with crunchy chia and hemp, this tropical coconut and mango smoothie bowl will transport you to a beach and make you feel as refreshed as if you were sitting under a palm tree.

Berry Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Frozen bananas, berries, avocado, lime juice and a boosted almond beverage made a nutrient-packed smoothie bowl that will leave you feeling energized.

Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake

A delicious healthy mint chocolate milkshake with a surprise ingredient.

Oats and Berries Smoothie

A filling breakfast smoothie packed with oats, fruit, and other nutritious perks.

Strawberry and Almond Butter Swirl Smoothie

Swirled with an easy homemade strawberry jam and creamy almond butter, this smoothie is the perfect reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

Cashew Milk Chocolate Banana Smoothie

This nutty, chocolatey smoothie tastes deceivingly like a milkshake. A perfectly delicious combination.

Vibrant Spring Smoothie

Loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like turmeric, this yellow smoothie is rounded out with honey, bananas, cantaloupe, and orange juice for a refreshing stunner.

Green Grape Smoothie

A tart and refreshing smoothie that will get you in the mood for summer!

White Asparagus and Strawberry Smoothie

Asparagus and strawberry makes for an unusual but delicious pairing for a green smoothie.

Peanut and Fig Smoothie

Like a sophisticated PB&J, this fig and nut butter smoothie is an easy, but gourmet drink that can be a delicious snack.

Cool Piña Colada Smoothie

Rather than a cocktail, start your day with a cool, creamy piña colada smoothie made with Greek yogurt.

Cranberry Apple Smoothie

Enlighten your tastebuds with a sweet and tart smoothie, filled with vibrant fruit.

Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl

Take comforting spices and flavors and blend them together to make a wholesome pumpkin smoothie bowl topped with crunchy, delicious bits.

Velvety Almond Kale Smoothie

The flavor and health benefits of kale are heightened by almond milk and banana in this creamy smoothie.

Decadent Pomegranate Smoothie

Switch up the fruit in your smoothies. Add vibrant pomegranate to bring new flavors to your tastebuds.

Chocolate Butternut Squash Smoothie

Enjoy a creamy protein smoothie filled with chocolatey flavor, pumpkin spice, and the secret ingredient–butternut squash.

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Yogurt Smoothie

Filling, velvety, satisfying, and not too sweet, this smoothie makes a perfect winter breakfast or snack.

Cranberry Orange Smoothie

Make your morning easy, delicious, and nutritious with this beautiful cranberry smoothie packed with fun flavors.

Orange Brunch Smoothie

Taste the sunshine during your next weekend brunch. This creamy citrus smoothie hits the spot.

Energizing Acorn Squash Smoothie

Packed with protein, this green acorn squash smoothie has great flavor and will keep you full and energized until lunch or dinner.