Bea Tollman’s “Best Dover Sole in London”

You can find the best Dover Sole in London at several of the award-winning Red…

Mrs Tollman’s Divine Chicken Pot Pie

Guests love Beatrice Tollman’s divine Chicken Pot Pie. It’s perfection when prepared by Executive Chef…

Cappelletti and Pork Ribs Recipe From Four Seasons Hotel Milano’s La Veranda

It’s fall in Milan. Good food means root vegetables, sweet onions, heavier pasta and a bit of meat with a depth of flavor created by cooking for many hours over low heat, like this recipe for Cappelletti and Pork Ribs.

Chef Manuel Henrique Azevedo of LaSalette: Dungeness Crab Empadas

This Sonoma, California restaurant, LaSalette, headed up by Chef Manuel Henrique Azevedo serves delicious Portuguese…

Stout Beer Chili

This Stout Beer Chili is rich and hearty, with a touch of sweetness.  With stout…

Roasted Broccoli and Kale Salad with Hemp Hearts

It’s that time of the year where we are all craving something cool, like a…

Big Island’s Kohanaiki Paella Valencia

A seafood favorite, learn how to make paella valencia from the Big Island made with fresh lobster and Abalone.

Gooey Baked Meat and Cheese Sandwich

A great sandwich for game day, brunch, lunch or a weeknight dinner! This sandwich that is cheesy and delicious right out of the oven.

Chicken and Mushrooms Paired with Pinot Noir

What goes perfectly with a bottle of Pinot Noir from Mendocino? A simple, but delicious dish of chicken and mushrooms served over pasta or rice.

Black Bean-Pumpkin Burgers

Make your own pumpkin puree and then create a delicious black been burger served with a creamy cilantro-yogurt sauce.

Crawfish Ragout from Chef Thierry Connault of The Ritz-Carlton NOLA

Crawfish season is in full swing and it is time to celebrate the time of year and enjoy an asparagus ragout complete with a white wine-cream sauce.

Langlois Culinary Crossroads in NOLA: The Secret to Making Gumbo

New Orleans is famous for their restaurants, chefs, and the Creole Cuisine of this region. Learn how to make a chicken and andouille sausage gumbo.

MarBella Corfu’s Black and Yellow Seafood Fettuccine

On the Venetian island of Corfu, Chef Alexandros Kapsokavadis creates fettuccine with saffron and a delicious duo of fresh seafood, try his recipe.

Curried Pepper and Cashew Quinoa

Quinoa, curried bell-peppers and peas with a delicious Desi spin create a simple, tasty and wholesome meal.

Summer Recipe: Vegan Southwestern Bean and Corn Burger

These burgers are so  full of flavor that meat will not be missed. For your next summer gathering try this non-meat option from Spork, in Los Angeles.

French Master Chef Sylvain Harribey’s Cotes D’Agneau

An herb marinated lamb chop, succulent spring-time fare from Master French Chef Harribey of Gaby Sofitel NYC.

Half Moon Bay Resort “Rocks It” with Chef Sowa’s Coconut Grouper and Lobster Medallions

Enjoy fresh fish with the Caribbean recipe for perfectly paired coconut grouper and lobster.

Psychic Phenomenon Lasagna

Dr. Richard Ireland’s Psychic Phenomenon Lasagna

Be wowed by Dr. Richard Ireland’s traditional lasagna.

chicken kebob recipe

Game Day Winner: Chicken Cherry-Teri Kebobs

Make-ahead chicken-cherry kebobs for at least 24 hours and it’s ready for half-time.

Lavender Crusted Lamb Chops Recipe

Lavender Crusted Lamb Chops

Elegant and savory, Sofitel SFO’s signature lavender is used in this entrée to create a lush and delectable feast for the senses.

Pa Chukar’s Cherry Chicken BBQ

Pa Chukar’s Cherry Chicken BBQ