Espresso Peanut Butter Cups

Filled with peanut butter and enrobed in dark chocolate and chopped espresso beans, these peanut butter cups are the sweet snack you crave.

Amrakhand: Indian Mango Yogurt

Spiced, sweetened and beautiful in color, this Indian mango yogurt, or amrakhand, is a refreshing dessert or fun yogurt snack.

Grain-Free Pistachio Scones

Your morning coffee and your afternoon tea time are calling for these grain-free citrus pistachio scones.

Flourless Persimmon Spice Cake with Date Caramel

A wintery spice cake with persimmons is flourless and dairy free. Have with a cup of tea and enjoy.

Boozy-Inspired Hot Toddy Caramel Popcorn

Hot toddy and caramel popcorn meet to create this unforgettable and cozy hot toddy caramel popcorn. Is there anything better than a boozy cocktail-inspired caramel popcorn?

Decadent Avocado Chocolate Truffles

Made with creamy avocados these rich chocolate truffles are a perfect snack or sweet for your Valentine.

Matcha Chia Pudding with Coconut Whipped Cream

Of course matcha can be a wonderful addition to chia pudding. Coconut whipped cream to top it off? Yes please. Why didn’t we think of these sooner?!

Coconut and Fruit Popsicles

Grab fruit, herbs, or edible flowers and freeze them inside coconut water or milk and alongside coconut meat for a refreshing treat fit for a midday snack.

Concord Grape Fruit Jellies

Gummies made simply with three ingredients- fruit juice, gelatin, and honey, easily satisfy a sweet tooth. Try them with your favorite juice flavo

Dairy-Free Coconut and Banana Date Shake

A coconut milk milkshake to end all cravings with tons of nutrients to boot.

Bourbon and Nut Truffles

Without a moment in the oven, these balls are sweet, crunchy, chewy and boozy. In other words, a delicious rich and chocolatey treat.