Decadent Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Need a special sweet treat for you Valentine? Look no further. These triple chocolate cupcakes are insanely rich and delicious.

Glazed Apple-Cranberry Bread

Full of grated apples and apple cider soaked dried cranberries, each slice of this dense, delicious Glazed Apple-Cranberry Bread will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Deep, Dark Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake

A rich chocolate stout bundt cake topped with a creamy chocolate stout ganache.

Easy Blueberry Snack Cake

There’s something so charming about mixing ingredients together to the soundtrack of a spring rain.…

Orange and Yogurt Bundt Cake

This soft yogurt bundt cake is flavored with oranges and served with a delicious Indian cream sauce.

Oat and Apple Cake

This soft oat and apple cake is easy to make and can be served with honey or as-is with tea, cider or a glass of milk. A simple, sweet treat.

Spice Bundt Cake

Celebrate fall and winter with this warm-tasting spice bundt cake doused in a stunning cream cheese glaze.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Espresso and pumpkin spice come together in these cream cheese-topped cupcakes to taste like the best pumpkin spice latte, but in dessert form.

Almond Fig Cake with Whipped Mascarpone

Made with honey and Greek yogurt, this almond fig cake is soft and delightful with a sweetened whipped mascarpone topping.

Walnut Banana Cake

This walnut banana cake made in one easy sheet will melt in your mouth with its buttery flavor.

Almond and Fig Cake

This tall almond and fig cake is soaked in amaretto syrup, layered with fig jam and orange blossom ricotta buttercream and finished with a robe of chocolate glaze. It is truly decadent.

Simple Buttermilk Bundt Cake

The ingredeints and instructions are simple, but this buttermilk bundt cake tastes truly spectacular.

Filipino Pianono Cake Roll

This Filipino roll cake, Pianono, is a simple, but oh so delicious, pastry filled with butter and sugar.

Namoura: Soaked Semolina Cake

We know, we know, saying moist is frowned upon, but there really is no better word to describe this Lebanese sweet, syrup soaked semolina cake known as the Namoura.

White Peach Crumb Cake

Swap out your usual coffee cake for this white peach crumb cake that is so simple, quick and perfect for the season of stone fruit.

Candy Bar Cappuccino Cake

This Candy Bar Cappuccino Cake is a sweet treat stacked with layers of chocolate cake soaked in caramel sauce and topped with a malted milk chocolate frosting and chopped candy bars.

Funfetti Loaf

Whether it is your birthday or not, this easy funfetti loaf cake is loaded with sprinkles and perfect for any celebration or gathering.

Gluten Free Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

This gluten free olive oil cake is studded with the earthy scent of rosemary and covered in a sweet and citrus Meyer lemon glaze. It’s simple, stunning and just sweet enough.

Strawberry Skillet Cake

Made with almond flour, lemon juice and sweet strawberry preserves, this easy strawberry skillet cake is perfect for a sweet morning treat or evening dessert.

Raspberry Coffee Cake

This raspberry coffee cake is a fun breakfast treat swirled with sweet raspberry preserves and topped with buttery streusel and glaze.

Samoa Cake

Filled with the flavors of a classic Girl Scout cookie, this samoa cake is baked in a sheet pan for ease and loaded with all the same toppings as the cookie.

Cannoli Cake

Rum-soaked vanilla buttermilk cake layers are stacked up with creamy ricotta and mascarpone cannoli filling and coated in a cinnamon and citrusy buttercream before being glazed with rich chocolate ganache. We’re in dessert heaven.

Nutcracker Tea Cake

Loaded with warm hints of cinnamon and vanilla, this soft buttermilk cake is infused with tea and topped with almonds and whipped mascarpone for a delightful holiday dessert.

Holiday Tea Bundt Cake

Loaded with creamy, nutty, spiced and vanilla flavors and aromas from tea, this bundt cake is the perfect dessert for the coming holidays.

Gluten Free Mini Pumpkin Cake

Whip up an easy, gluten free mini pumpkin cake loaded with warm spices and flavors that is perfect with a warm cup of tea and shared with just a few friends.

Double Berry Cake

Use the fresh blackberries and blueberries of summer in this whole wheat and almond flour double berry cake.

Honey Yogurt Loaf

Whip up this quick cake in no time and let the softness from the yogurt and delicate aroma from the honey elegantly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pistachio Peach Cake

A soft, summer peach cake is baked with chopped pistachios and ice in a simple cream cheese frosting with more nuts on top. It’s simple, but simply delicious.

White Chocolate Coconut Cake

Three soft layers of coconut cake are stacked and slathered with sweet, soft white chocolate coconut frosting and then topped with coconut chips.

Revani Semolina Cake

This semolina cake is common in Turkey and goes by the name basbousa in Egypt. Try this revani cake softened and soaked in a sweet syrup.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bundt Cake

Visually stunning and beautifully rich tasting, this indulgent peanut butter chocolate bundt cake will have your taste buds singing while still being easy to throw together.

Citrus Yogurt Cake

This bright grapefruit citrus cake is made soft with yogurt and the perfect addition to your weekend brunch table this spring.

Easy One Bowl Lemon Cake

A perfect dessert for spring, this bright lemon cake can be made and glazed in a flash.

Classic Ciambella Cake

A traditional Italian cake that takes on many forms, including being served with milk or dipped into wine after an elegant dinner.

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Cake

A rich, spiced sweet potato cake is easily layered with a soft marshmallow buttercream. This is a perfect cake to say goodbye to fall and welcome in winter.

Gluten Free Raspberry and Rose Cupcakes

Raspberries and rosewater make an elegant cupcake that isn’t overpowering and still feels special and beautiful, even though it is gluten free.

Cinnamon Apple Cake

Soft, flavorful cinnamon cake is filled with crisp apples. One sweet bite and it will truly feel like fall.

Vintage Cakes: Win a Copy of the Grandbaby Cakes

Featuring 50 vintage cake recipes, this is your chance to win a copy of Jocelyn Delk Adams’ brand new cookbook. With plenty of Southern charm, the publication is a sweet tooth’s dream.

Matcha and Black Sesame Swirl Pound Cake

Earthy matcha and toasty sesame batters are swirled to make a slightly sweet and denser loaf cake that is a perfect year-round baking project.

Spring Cupcakes with Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Fluffy vanilla cupcakes are frosted with silky smooth strawberry swiss meringue buttercream for a delightful spring treat.

Almond Flour and Yogurt Cake with Chia Seeds

A simple, but flavorful cake with plenty of moisture and subtle texture from black chia seeds.

Soft Pineapple Yogurt Cake

A subtle pineapple cake with beautiful aromas. Visually beautiful and perfect for soaking up ice cream.