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6 Grilling Tips to Memorize Before Memorial Day

6 Grilling Tips to Memorize Before Memorial Day

You’re running the grill on Memorial Day? (Or at any backyard shindig this summer?) Check out these grilling tips to make the job a breeze.

We have our own go-to grilling rules, but for these tips, we checked in with some professionals. Namely, Bruce and Eric Bromberg, owners of Blue Ribbon Las Vegas, they have a wide range of knowledge spanning many cuisines and cooking techniques, especially grilling. And we checked in with Executive Chef Alex Pineda of the casually delicious eatery ViewHouse in Colorado.

Don’t Be a Crazy Flipper
Chef Alex’s is chiming in with the first tip, which we think is such a great reminder. Only flip the burger patty one time! And whatever you do, don’t press it down into the grate, all that does is squeeze out the juices and makes it easier to dry out. It can be hard to resist touching the beef, but leaving it alone to cook ensures an evenly cooked, juicy burger patty. Looking for a good burger recipe? Chef Alex has shared the ViewHouse’s Rancho Burger recipe. It’s a simple burger, but it’s all about cooking the burger properly and serving it with fun toppings.

Viewhouse Rancho Burger Recipe
7 oz Beef
2 oz Cheddar Cheese
2 oz Green Chili
2 oz Fried Pickled Jalapeño
1 oz Guacamole
Directions: Cook patty to desired temperature.
Build in this order: Bun, burger, cheddar cheese, green chili, pickled jalapeño, guacamole, bun.

First of all, make sure your grill is hot enough.
Before you grab any meat or veggies to throw on the grill, make sure your grill is hot enough. If you’ve pre-heated your grill and aren’t sure if it’s ready, try this trick: Cut a raw potato in half, set it flesh side down and set a timer for 60 seconds. When the time is up, the potato should have a slight grill mark. If so, then you’re good to get grilling.

Dry Your Meat
Think, sear, not steam. For example, if you’re cooking steak, be sure to pat both sides dry before grilling. Wet steaks don’t sear; they steam.

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Have a hot spot for beef and a cooler spot for chicken.
When cooking pork or beef, use high heat and flip as little as possible. But make sure to turn the heat down or reserve a lower heat spot on the grill for chicken. Low and slow will keep the chicken crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Burger Tip
Grilling burgers? Here’s a tip: If you’re making a burger from scratch, once you’ve shaped them, use your thumb to make an indentation in the center of the patty. Burgers tend to expand on the grill when they’re cooking, creating a rounded ball shape; making this imprint keeps your patties flat.

Let it Rest
Of course, grilling is going to make you hungry – that’s the point! But the best thing to do after cooking is chill – make sure your food gets time to rest! Letting it sit for a bit allows all the juices to redistribute themselves throughout the meat allowing for more tender, flavorful meat.

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