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13 Fun Culinary Christmas Gifts on a Budget

13 Fun Culinary Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Jerri Green lines up a great list of cheap culinary Christmas gifts for this year.
By Jerri Green

My husband and I try every year to limit how much we spend on each other. In an attempt to accomplish this goal last year, we tried to just give each other stocking stuffers. Well, needless to say we again failed to restrain ourselves as the pile of presents that didn’t fit in a stocking under our tree proved. Oh well, its not too late for this year. And if you are looking for some great gadgets that do fit in a stocking, here are a few of my favorite things:

Mini whisks – perfect for whipping up scrambled eggs on a slow Sunday morning

Collapsible measuring cups – wonderful space savers

Magnetic measuring spoons – never loose that 1/4 tsp spoon in the back of a drawer again

Silicone muffin cups – slide off your blueberry or apple spice muffs with ease

Grapefruit spoons – the only way to eat a ruby red

Spaghetti tongs – if you eat pasta you have to have these

Working mat – great for big batches of cookies or rolling our dough for calzones

Zester – lemon, lime, orange, garlic, nutmeg…the list goes on

Bamboo utensils – eco-friendly and durable, win – win

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Reusable bags – take them with you to the store or farmers market to get all you goodies

Clip-on spoon rests – keeps your utensils safe and your counters clean, what’s not to love?

Butter boy – the best corn cob related invention ever

Toast tongs – no electrocution scare here

So go get your own or fill the stocking of your favorite foodie. Got more ideas for great gadget gifts? Let me know below. I’ll pass your suggestions on to the hubs for my stocking this year!

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