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10 Appetizers for an Atlanta vs. New England Super Bowl

10 Appetizers for an Atlanta vs. New England Super Bowl


Game Day is coming up fast! Time turn our attention to stuffing our faces and screaming at the TV. Here are 10 indulgent appetizers dedicated to each team’s state.


Jalapeno Popper Cornbread Bites

Add a little heat to some southern corn bread with these jalapeño popper cornbread muffins are stuffed with cream cheese and make the most delicious chili accompaniment.


New England Patriots Rice Krispie Bites

Take your New England Patriots football party from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with these New England Patriots Rice Krispie Bites. They are super colorful and so easy to make. They will take your Game Day Football Party spread to the next level.


Southern Honey Mustard Chicken Wings

Enjoy these delicious honey and mustard wings with a flavorful dipping sauce. You can lick your fingers, the Atlanta Falcons won’t mind.


New England Patriots Popcorn

Fun and easy to make, this colorful popcorn snack will show the guests which team you’re craving!


Comforting Butterscotch Peach Cobbler

Sticky, gooey, comforting, and decadent. This southern favorite will fill your belly and get you rooting for the Atlanta Falcons!


Pear-fect Season Patriots Cocktail

Cheer the Patriots on with this clever-named cocktail with the appropriate colored berries to top it off!


Shrimp Hush Puppies

Popping in these fun shrimp hush puppies will take you to southern comfort. Remember, it’s not southern if it’s not fried.

Bon Appetit

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New England Clam Chowder

Let a bowl of New England clam chowder warm your cold Super Bowl Day.


New England Puffed Turnovers

These turnovers are a little savory, a little sweet and a whole lot of delicious. They’re filled with apples, Cheddar cheese and bacon…you can’t go wrong with that combination!

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.58.16 AM
Food and Wine

Lobster Sliders

These lush, miniature takes on classic New England lobster rolls are a staple of this sleek South End lounge and restaurant, one of the few places in Boston that serves great food late at night.


Macaroni and Cheese Bites

These macaroni and cheese bites are kicked up with garlic and herb cheese and the buttery Ritz cracker crust adds tons of flavor as well. The crunch from the crust topped with the creaminess of the macaroni mixture is addicting.

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