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Buckwheat Chocolate Pancakes

The next time you’re planning on making a special breakfast, try these rich buckwheat chocolate pancakes topped with berries, syrup, caramel, cream or whatever your heart desires.

Gluten Free Rustic Loaf

A vegan and gluten free bread with an earthy flavor and a hint of rosemary and olive oil. Enjoy sliced with apples and basil.

Buckwheat Banana Bread

Buckwheat Banana Bread

An incredibly fluffy, warm, light loaf of sweet and toasted flavors. Perfect anytime of day, even as a midnight snack with a glass of milk or cup of tea.

Buckwheat Oat Pancakes

Buckwheat Oat Pancakes

This is the best ever gluten free pancake recipe! Buckwheat Oat Pancakes. Warm buttery fluffy pancakes, who doesn’t love them?


Pear Honey Buckwheat Bread

This is the perfect breakfast bread. Sweet, but only just. And healthy enough to feel like you are starting the day off right.