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Walnut Loaf Cake

Healthy loaf cake (?) with walnut, yoghurt and vanilla

Valentine’s Day Parfait

Valentine’s Day Parfait

Valentine’s Day, like most other holidays these days, is full of sugary sweets. So why not indulge in this simple Valentine’s parfait.

Orange Muffins Without Butter

These orange muffins are spongy in every bite and tastes delicious with full of orange flavour even though they’re not feather light cakes.

White Chocolate, Lemon and Orange Blossom Hotcakes

These orange blossom-scented hotcakes are the ideal breakfast fare on a lazy weekend. The kind of weekend where you sleep until late morning, and the biggest decision of the day is whether to start it with tea or coffee.

Refreshing Salty Lassi

A Salty Lassi is a great alternative to the alcoholic beverages during the summer and you can flavor it with any spice you want.


Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi is a spiced soup that you make by thinning out yogurt with water and cooking it with chickpea flour.