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Whole Wheat Seed Bread

This whole wheat loaf topped with a variety of seeds is perfect for sandwiches or toasted with jam in the morning.

Pumpkin and Whey Wheat Bread

From sandwiches to french toast this orange pumpkin loaf with subtle sweetness and a delicate crumb from the whey is a fun bread to make at home.

Blackberry Whole Wheat Cream Scones

These are everything a cream scone should be – light, soft, moist. The turbinado sugar adds a sweet crunch and the blackberries a burst of freshness.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Peach Cake

When the last fruits becomes too ripe, bake them into a decadent cake. Sweet peaches and nutty whole wheat flour create a perfect balance of flavors.

Spanish Style Freekeh Salad

Spanish Style Freekeh Salad

Freekeh is a roasted cracked green wheat that is comparable to quinoa in protein and fiber that is easy to prepare, healthy and filling without being too heavy.