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Olive Oil Cookies from Southern Italy

A delicate olive oil is the essential ingredient for a pastry naturally sweetened with malt and enriched by the scent of Sicilian blood orange juice.


Olive Rosemary Focaccia

Olive rosemary focaccia is a real treat. Fragrant rosemary and salty olives lend a deep and rich flavor to this bread that can be enjoyed at anytime.

Orange and Olive Oil Cake

The Orange and Olive Oil Cake is tender and moist with a fresh hint of orange. The olive oil offers a unique flavor to compliment the citrus.


Classic Three Olive Vodka Martini

Whenever we are craving a refreshing cocktail, we often find ourselves turning to the classics. And what could be more classic than the legendary Three Olive Vodka Martini? Here’s how to make it.

Olive Ring Bread

Olive Ring Bread

The trick to keeping bread tender is to start with a small amount of flour and add more only if you need it.