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10 Dishes that are Better with an Egg on Top

10 Dishes that are Better with an Egg on Top

Egg on top recipes

High in protein and quick to cook, eggs should not be restricted to the “Breakfast Only” category. Whether you are looking for more flavor, a soft yolk to add a sauce-like component, or a more substantial meal, add an egg on top. Poached, fried, or baked eggs can be the perfect garnish to an otherwise dull dish.
By Annelise McAuliffe

Egg on top recipes

1. Girolle Mushrooms with Parsley, Garlic, and Lemon
Grilles sautéed in a little butter, a squeeze of lemon, a scattering of parsley and a rich egg in the middle of it all, yolk to be broken to gloriously coat the silky mushrooms. Get the recipe


2. Lime and Coriander Sticky Beef Hash with Sunny Side Egg
A lime and chilli spiked Asian style beef hash recipe that delivers layer after layer of flavor. Crunchy green broccolini and spring onions add colour and texture, and a perfectly sunny-side-up egg nestled on top finishes things off nicely. Get the recipe


3. Fried Egg, Tomato, and Chili Spaghetti
Mid-week dinners do not have to be complicated, but they must be tasty. And sometimes you just have to make do with whatever leftovers you may find at the back of your fridge. This meal is no exception, but it looks and tastes great. Stove to table in just 10 minutes. Eggs go wonderfully on just about every pasta dish to make a nutritious, easy meal. Get the recipe


4.Turkey Hash with Poached Egg
This is great to eat for any meal using leftover turkey and vegetables you have on hand such as Brussels sprouts or kale. Get the recipe


5. Elotes
Elotes are a staple in Mexican street food, traditionally served on the cob, in a cup, topped with various toppings, this time eggs and kale. There’s something wonderful about them — the refreshing aromas of lime and cilantro, the smokiness from the slight char, the sweetness of the kernel. Get the recipe


6. Sticky Braised Quail with Fried Eggs
Asian inspired dish full of five spice aromas and a sweet flavour from the sticky glaze. The eggs a fried sunny side up until the whites are crisp around the edges while the yolks remain runny. Get the recipe


7. Crisp Asparagus and Sweet Pea Salad with Poached Egg and Goat’s Curd
Asparagus can be prepared simply with sweet peas, the freshness of goat curd and the sharpness of a hard aged Italian cheese such as parmesan or ricotta salata and a silky poached egg. Serve with a crisp dry white wine such as Semillon or a dry Riesling. Get the recipe


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8. Salad Nest
Eggs are great on just about every salad. Hiding under the runny egg are crispy potatoes topped with a warmed honey flavor goat cheese. The saltiness of the pancetta helps highlight the sweetness of the apple peppered by fresh arugula. Get the recipe


9. Avocado Pizza
Creamy avocado are a fried eggs best friend. This recipe uses flat bread lime-spiked avocado, snow peas shoots, pink peppercorns, and lastly a fried egg. Get the recipe


10. Sandwiches
Sandwiches and burgers demand delicious toppings that will drip out the sides. This recipe is for the traditional Croque Madame. Get the recipe


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