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Cooking the CSA Way

Farm-to-table. All-natural. Organic. All buzzwords being thrown around by restaurants and cooks these days, but even they might still be missing the point. Many parts of vegetables like their leaves or roots aren’t being used to their full potential; reserved for the compost pile. Its time for things to change. Every single part of the vegetable is usable and edible, and can transform any dish. It’s a celebration of using whole vegetables in day-to-day cookery. Come take a new look at some old friends.


Carob and Persimmon Tarlets

An unusual combination of carob and persimmon merge together in these delicious, yet healthy, pastries. 100% vegan, gluten and sugar free.

Whole Wheat Flatbreads

Brady Evans has a hard time finding some really good healthy bread alternatives in the grocery store, so she takes matters into her own hands.

Chocolate Pudding Smoothie

This decadent chocolate smoothie is actually a healthy drink packed with good stuff that will help you through the day.