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Mango Blueberry and Soy Breakfast Smoothie

Mango Blueberry and Soy Breakfast Smoothie

Bright, vibrant delicious mango blueberry soy smoothie. Packed with nutrients this smoothie is a great way to start the day or have as a post workout drink.
By ChiChi Doodoo

Mango Blueberry and Soy Breakfast Smoothie3

I decided to slowly ease myself in my making this mango blueberry soy smoothie for breakfast. It’s simple to make and contains just three ingredients.

Mango Blueberry and Soy Breakfast Smoothie2

Ingredient number one is soy yogurt. Before I tried soy yogurt I thought it would be meh (my daughter’s favourite word), but I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing it tasted. Soy yogurt is 100% plant based and rich in protein. Which makes it dairy free and vegan. You don’t have to use soy yogurt to make yours. Other types of yogurt will be just fine.

Next we have sweet colourful blueberries. These sweet superfoods are nutritious, packed full of antioxidants and low in calories . I just love blueberries, with pancakes, as a snack, in muffins. It’s such a versatile fruit and has many health benefits.

Finally we have a juicy mango. Being from a tropical country, I grew up eating mangoes. When mangoes where in season back home, I could just eat them for days. Mangoes are a nutritionally rich fruit with a lovely fragrance and taste. This smoothie can be made using fresh and frozen mangoes. If using fresh mangoes, I found this tutorial on youtube which shows how to cut and dice mangoes.

These two fruits are sweet enough that no honey or type of sweetener is needed in making the smoothie. Start off with the blueberry and soy yogurt base. Blitz together in a blender and pour into a tall glass. Rinse out the blender, then blitz together mango chunks and yogurt. Pour over the blueberry smoothie.

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Mango Blueberry and Soy Breakfast Smoothie

A delicious healthy smoothie you can enjoy in minutes.


Mango Blueberry and Soy Breakfast Smoothie

  • Author: ChiChi Doodoo
  • Yield: 1 1x
  • Category: Breakfast, Snack


  • 100 g 3/4 cup blueberries
  • 1 mango (cut into chunks)
  • 240 ml 1 cup soy yogurt, divided use


  1. Combine blueberries and 120 ml (1/2 cup) soy yogurt in a blender and process in the until smooth. Pour into a glass.
  2. Combine mangoes and remaining soy yogurt in a blender and process in the until smooth. Pour mango mixture over blueberry mixture.

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