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Taiwan-Style Potstickers

Soft and steamed on the inside, but crispy, fried on the outside these Taiwanese-style potstickers are something amazing to be devoured.

Gua Bao: Asian Steamed Buns

There are many variation of basic buns that exist in most cuisines from the Himalayan region. Fill with kimchi, fresh flavors, and your favorite fillings.

Bhapa Pitha

Bhapa Pitha

These steamed rice cakes are filled with coconut and molasses and served alongside beef, fish or vegetable curry.

Rúgbrauð: Icelandic Thunder Bread

Rúgbrauð: Icelandic Thunder Bread

Traditionally, Rúgbrauð is baked buried in the ground near hot springs. If you don’t have access to hot springs at home, adding a water bath to your oven to create steam will work just fine.


Steamed Pandan Cakes

Also known as “screwpine,” Pandan is most often used to flavor rice dishes and puddings, but it is also used as a delicate flavoring for pastries.