Han Ker

Han Ker began baking since 8 years old with her mum, more after she started her blog - Hankerie (http://www.hankerie.com) 2 years ago. She nonetheless possesses a passion for baking and creating in the kitchen, and applies her own creativity for crafting out her own recipes. Her specialty are pastries and sweet treats, as well as bread – as evidenced by the goodies that come from her kitchen. Determined to make the products of her creative imagination a reality, Han Ker is a firm believer that nothing is impossible if you try enough times. Apart from that, Blog-hopping has inspired her, and she shares openly without a care for the jealous hoarding of information. She is unendingly curious and is always seeking out new recipes to try, a method she insists works great in keeping the brain juices flowing while at home. She is truly a home baker of substance, a blogger, and cook with plenty to offer.

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