Mexico On My Plate: An Introduction

Our very own Spicie Foodie, Nancy Lopez McHugh with an introduction to her “Mexico On My Plate” column.
By Nancy Lopez-McHugh

Mexico On My Plate
Mexico On My Plate

Welcome to my new column, “Mexico on My Plate” . First I’d like to start by thanking Honest Cooking for giving me the opportunity to write for them on a subject dear to my heart, Mexican food. Those of you who have followed my blog (Spicie Foodie) probably already know that I am Mexican, born and partially raised in Mexico. You also know that I currently live in Europe. My birthplace may be far away but it’s tastes, smells and flavors are never too far from my plate.

Why Mexico On My Plate? By cooking and eating the foods of my motherland I can relive all those memories, stories and feelings that are part of my life, my heritage. Even at times when I cannot find a specific Mexican ingredient, I try my best to prepare authentic Mexican dishes. Even if the snow is blowing and it’s minus degrees outside, I have a little bit of sunny warm Mexico on my plate.

There is a Mexican proverb that says,  “Conversation is food for the soul” . But  souls also need food, and we all know that the best conversations are had around good food. I welcome you to keep coming back to the “Mexico On My Plate” conversation time and time again. Let’s make it Mexico on our plates and together experience the tastes, smells and flavors of Mexican cuisine.


  1. Well, I’m certainly looking forward to more Mexican food on MY plate! I’m sure this will be a great column as I know Nancy’s very talented in the kitchen.

  2. The best cook I ever met was a Mexican woman,Catalina. She made even boiled eggs taste different and she introduced me to Mexican food. Her secret was cooking with love makes food taste better. Looking forward to see what you have for us!

  3. Nancy, I love your blog. It is always interesting and the photos are beautiful so I am so excited about your new column. Looking forward to dropping by regularly for a large helping of conversation for the soul!

  4. I love Mexican food and am looking forward to reading more of your column! Congrats again, Nancy! Tastes of home are always welcome regardless of where we are :)

  5. o too am in a similar situation Im a proud Mexcano and livein a small rural town in Indiana I love to cook and experiment with tastes and ingredients having to compromise most of the time due to lack of suthentic ingredients. I hope you and I can help and learn from each other. Gracias y buen provecho

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