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Italian-Style Vegetarian Cooking

Italian-Style Vegetarian Cooking

Food writer and Honest Cooking contributor, Veronica Lavenia, has released a new cookbook that will help bring Mediterranean flair to your meatless cooking.

Italian-Style Vegetarian Cooking

Honest Cooking contributor and food writer Veronica Lavenia has released yet another helpful cookbook, The Vegetarian Italian Kitchen.

Veronica’s beautiful book helps us remember that to eat meatless in Italy, means more than pasta. While yes, the books contains many recipes that feature the staple starch of the Mediterranean cuisines, it also forces us to think in a whole new way. Thankfully, the Mediterranean culture is loaded with hearty grains, beans, and beautiful produce, so vegetarian cooking is natural with these flavors.

The book is broken up by the season, so home cooks can easily flip to ‘Spring’ or ‘Fall’ and match the seasons’ produce they have on hand to the recipes. Plus, the book even provides easy, Italian desserts that highlight the season.

Italian-Style Vegetarian CookingApple salad with nuts and Robiola cheese

Veronica has always touted a vegetable-loaded and cooking with unprocessed ingredients, so this most recent cookbook comes as no surprise. She is well equipped to write on the topic!

Italian-Style Vegetarian CookingWarm barley and farro salad

Check out some of her vegetarian recipes right here on Honest Cooking and be sure to grab here cookbook for more inspiration. We gave created an easy Italian menu from her recipes, no meat required.

Crostini with Avocado and Radicchio: Topped with simply seasoned radicchio and spread with an avocado puree, these easy crostini make for a great appetizer or nutritious snack.

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