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10 Mint Julep Cocktails for the Kentucky Derby

10 Mint Julep Cocktails for the Kentucky Derby

Distinctive hats, long gloves, and a beautiful show of well-dressed people equal the Kentucky Derby y’all. What’s the race without good ol’ bourbon to sip on? While the crowd roars for their favorite horse and jockey to cross the finish line, delight in sipping on these variations of the refreshing mint julep.


Southern Living

The Classic
Kentuckians enjoy their classic mint julep in silver julep cups, which apparently looks like this. For a go-to, fail-proof recipe, this one is all you need.

honey mint julep

The Daily Meal

Honey Mint Julep
First and mildest of twists to the classic. We’ll happily replace white, refined, granular sugar for our bees golden honey.

mango chile mint julep

Sweet Life Bake

Mango Chile Mint Julep
Okay, now it’s getting interesting. Spicy is fun, spicy is good. Mango is exotic, mango is good. Ever had Mexican chile mango? It’s almost an explosion of confused flavors in your mouth, again, in a good way. Hey, Kentucky, hope you don’t mind that we call this the Mexican mint julep.

Mint Julep Slush-4

Mint Julep Slushy
Sun and bourbon will get the gents to pull out their handkerchiefs, pat their foreheads and unbutton their sportcoats. While we don’t mind a man’s glistening epidermis, chill them out with a slushy mint julep.


Honey and Birch

Hibiscus Honey Mint Julep
Hibiscuses are like the Derby hats of the floral world – big, bright, and beautiful. The Kentucky Derby would be far less interesting without the distinctive hats, so make the mint julep big, bright, and beautiful by infusing it with hibiscus.



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Strawberry Mint Julep
Ah, the spring sweetheart berry. Who doesn’t love a sweet, blushing strawberry? Any raised hands will be disregarded. Three is not a crowd when strawberries join the bourbon and mint party.

Pineapple Mint Julep Sangria

Pineapple Sangria Mint Julep
How ordinary is a Malibu pineapple cocktail? We couldn’t agree more. Pineapples have the profile of a “derby dressed” fruit. Make this pineapple mint julep sangria and your drink will impress all other mint juleps seen around in hand.

Kiwi Mint Julep

Kiwi Mint Julep
Kiwis are vitamin bombs. As the day goes on, keep the energy to root your horse on by throwing kiwi into a mint julep. Get green, get Hulky.

Kombucha Mint Julep

Honest Cooking

Kombucha Mint Julep
Horserace or not, jewel red pomegranate, lime, and kombucha are a trifecta that can be added to this cocktail anytime.

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