New Ways to Eat Falafel

Patty or ball, chickpeas or favas, served in a pita or solo, we love the Middle Eastern falafel every which way. Here are a few new untraditional ways to eat falafel.


Falafel-Spiced Roasted Chickpea Salad

Dig into this exciting salad with falafel spiced, roasted chickpeas and a generous drizzle of tahini dressing. Add seasonal vegetables to make it an easy warm-weather meal. See the recipe.

New Ways to Eat Falafel

Tahini and Falafel Burgers

Flavorful, crispy falafel burgers are packed with protein and easy to serve, drizzled with a creamy tahini sauce. See the recipe.

New Ways to Eat Falafel

Colorful Falafel Salad

This salad could cause you to have a serious obsession. It is crunchy, sweet, tart and tangy – full of texture and brightness with fresh herbs and zip of Greek yogurt. See the recipe.


Green Falafel Beet Hummus Wrap

It’s so colorful, we couldn’t resist. See the recipe.

New Ways to Eat Falafel

Falafel Bowls

This falafel bowl is loaded with quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, homemade tzatziki, and hummus to be a beautiful and filling vegetarian delight. See the recipe.

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