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Strawberry Rosé Slushies

Strawberry Rosé Slushies

One sip of this strawberry rosé slushie and you’ll get why they’re all the rage. It’s cool, refreshing and fruity.

Strawberry Rosé Slushies

Did that 44-sec video kinda make you want to jump into a glass of Strawberry Frosé, like pronto? I can’t even watch it without some major slushy cravings happening.

You don’t really even need a recipe in the traditional sense for this Strawberry Frosé.

This luscious cocktail is simply a combination of your favorite Rosé (the darker the better) and fruit. All kinds of berries will work beautifully here, but we’re partial to strawberries for their über vibrant reds.

Go for the ripest, reddest strawberries you can find.

Strawberry Rosé Slushies

In good faith, I gotta say that the hardest part is the wait.

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The strawberries need a bit of time – maybe 30 minutes or so – to bathe in sugar, allowing it to macerate nicely.

And of course, the Rosé + strawberry mixture needs time to freeze. It won’t freeze like water does, due to alcohol, but it will freeze just enough to be blender-ready.

It’s all happily downhill from there. Simply blend, fill those glasses, and enjoy.

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Strawberry Rosé Slushies

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  • Author: Amy Dong
  • Yield: 2 to 3 servings 1x


One sip of this strawberry rosé slushie and you’ll get why they’re all the rage. It’s cool, refreshing and fruity.


  • 16 oz ripe (red strawberries, roughly chopped)
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 bottle dry or semi-dry Rosé wine (darker the better)
  • Garnish: Strawberry slices (mint sprigs)


  1. In a container, combine the strawberries with sugar. Stir to incorporate fully; let sit at room temp at least 30 minutes or until berries have emitted quite a bit of juice and are nicely macerated.
  2. In a 9×11 dish, combine the macerated strawberries with wine. Stir to combine. Place in freezer several hours or until frozen (overnight is fine.)
  3. Scoop frozen mixture into heavy-duty blender; blend until it’s the consistency of frozen slushy. Immediately divide into drinking glasses and serve with desired garnish. (Frosé should be enjoyed on the spot, for best texture and flavor.)
  • Category: Cocktail


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