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“Peach Boy” Dessert from Honolulu

“Peach Boy” Dessert from Honolulu


According to the myth, Peach Boy fought off monsters to save his village and this dessert was made in his honor: Vanilla mochi cake.

By MLiss A Hinshaw

Chef Arakaki hold his Peach Boy creation
Chef Arakaki hold his Peach Boy creation

Momotaro, (Peach Boy), has a Japanese legendary past and is the artful sweet creation of Modern’s Pastry Chef Steve Arakaki.  Thought provoking eye appeal arranged on a long narrow plate highlighting some of the story.

The Modern Hotel is just that, modern and chic, especially in touristy Hawaii. Overlooking the Waikiki yacht harbor with a spectacular view and gorgeous sunsets, staff are professionally dressed and no one wears “aloha” shirts. And don’t even inquire about luau’s here, this is a sophisticated hotel with detailed pampering. No wonder Chef Arakaki has the flexibility to create stunning desserts.

The mythical story is that Peach Boy fought off monsters to save his village and this dessert was made in his honor. Vanilla mochi cake, tender and soft from rice flour, represents Momotaro’s offering to his animals from his battle and freshly made puff pastry shaped like a fan signifies his weapon. Of course, there had to be sliced peaches in his name sake. Chef propped up the pastry fan on a mound of green tea ice cream and completed this extraordinary dessert with finishing touches of peach flavored plum wine. Peach Boy (Momotaro) has been recognized for many years in Japan with children’s games and shows, and this dessert is an delicious adult twist to a generational story.

1775 Ala Moana Blvd

Honolulu, HI 96815

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