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How To Eat Right on a Plane

How To Eat Right on a Plane

Traveling can be tiring, make sure to pack nutrient dense foods that will pass through security and don’t have strong smells to disturb to your neighbor.
By Ambra Torelli

Eating healthy while traveling is important. Here’s a much needed guide on how to maintain a good habit… even while you fly!

Plane food is usually the most unhealthy food ever… and the flavor, well, that leaves something to be desired. However, there are some airlines that are really making an effort to improve those options, but often only in first class.

Anytime I board a flight, I make sure I have some healthy airplane snacks and, for the longer flights, I always prepare quick and easy meals so that my husband and I can always eat healthy while traveling.

If you need some inspiration to make sure you have access to lots of healthy foods while flying… this video is for you!

I show you how to create a delicious meal that can pass through security check and won’t attract the hate of all the other passengers because of the smell.

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  1. If you are boarding a short flight, make sure you have access to quick and easy meals while on the plane.
  2. Make your own trail mix or select some very clean energy bars making sure they have no artificial ingredients and very low sugar.
  3. Make sure you have no liquids! Yogurts, plant based milks or packaged smoothies won’t make it through security. Double check what you packed and leave those items at home.
  4. If you are flying long distance, inform yourself about the possible agriculture restrictions. If flying to the US for example you are not allowed to bring any fresh produce (even if you are flying from Hawaii), so make sure you have no fruit nor fresh veggies with you.
  5. When preparing for a long flight create your own menu, making sure you don’t use any of the ingredients that would make your meal smell bad and annoy the passengers sitting next to you: NO onions, NO garlic, NO broccoli!
  6. The night before your flight, store your homemade plane meal in plastic containers and take them with you in a bag that can easily fit on top of your carry on. Passing through security will be a breeze!

Now it’s on you! What are your favorite healthy foods while on a plane? Do you have any other tricks to eat healthy while flying? Share all the details in the comments below. Lots of frequent flyers need to get inspired to make their own healthy plane snacks!!

P.S. And if you’d like to check out some deliciously healthy recipes with no sugar, gluten nor dairy, click below to check out my new ebook!

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  • fantastic – I used to do a lot of rough camping and backpacking – I loved to be innovative with my camping food – and now – I think it is fantastic to try this on airplanes!

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