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DIY Wine Bottle Projects: Vinegar Bottle or Soap Dispenser

DIY Wine Bottle Projects: Vinegar Bottle or Soap Dispenser

This post is sponsored by Cavit. Inspire your pairings and DIY projects with these wine ideas.
We’re all pretty good at recycling our empty wine bottles, but what about repurposing them? We’ve teamed up with Cavit to bring you two fun and easy DIY wine bottle projects.

Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser
Swap out your plastic soap dispenser for a glass one, but without buying a new one from the store. This time, upcycle your empty wine bottle. If you’re going for a clear look, use a bottle from one of Cavit’s white wines. For a darker, opaque look use a bottle from one of the red wines. Fill it with hand soap or dish soap in the kitchen or bathroom. Be sure the bottles are completely cleaned out and use dish soap or a goo-gone to remove the labels and stickers, if you desire. Once cleaned, just fill with soap and add a pump. Voilà! You now have a trendy dispenser on the cheap.

Vinegar Bottle
There’s something quite beautiful about displaying an array of different vinegars and oil in glass bottles in your kitchen or pantry. Rather than spending a ton of money buying new glass bottles, repurpose your wine bottles. To prevent them from going rancid and to protect them from sunlight, store oils in the darker, red wine bottles.

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White or apple vinegars can be kept in the transparent, white wine bottles, but balsamics should be stored behind the darker glass as well. Check out these style of stoppers that can simply be attached to the cleaned out wine bottles.

Consider making an oil and vinegar bottle set for a friend for a gift. They’re beautiful and something they will actually use.

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