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5 Campfire-Ready Recipes

5 Campfire-Ready Recipes

Headed to the great outdoors? Check out these campfire-ready recipes to keep you fueled.

5 Campfire-Ready Recipes

Grilled Peach S’Mores

Throw the grate down over the campfire and grill up these sweet peach s’mores. See the recipe.

5 Campfire-Ready Recipes

Cappuccino Monkey Bread

This Cappuccino Monkey Bread can be baked over the campfire to be a delicious breakfast bread or dessert coated in cinnamon, sugar and salted caramel cappuccino. See the recipe.

5 Campfire-Ready Recipes

Red Rice and Tomatoes

Once a cast iron is in play anything is possible. A delicious way to end a cold evening in the woods is with a hearty, warm rice dish. Consider adding beans it bulk it up even more. See the recipe.

5 Campfire-Ready

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Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

You can assemble the sandwiches before you leave the house, wrap them in foil and throw them in the fire when you’re in the woods. See the recipe.

5 Campfire-Ready

Poundcake Skillet Dessert

Loaded with Rolos, fresh berries and poundcake, this skillet dessert can easily be packed for the road and warmed over the fire for dessert. See the recipe.

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