Great Cocktails from Split, Croatia – Summer Drinks

Enjoy cocktails that are favorites at Le Meridien Lav, a spot in the beach town of Split, Croatia.

Imagine sitting on your own private beach in Split, Croatia, under a cabana and sipping a cocktail ( or two). That’s exactly what I did to kick-start my Summer.

For those of you who can’t get to Le Meridien Lav, Split and enjoy one or more of the cocktails at Gooshter Bar, here are 3 great cocktail recipes to try at home.

But if you REALLY want to a life of luxury ( by the beach) head to Le Meridien Lav.


All images and recipe credited to GOOSHTER BAR – Le Meridien Lav, Split – Croatia 


RECIPE: – 60 ml cream of coconut

 – 15 ml fresh lime juice

 – 40 ml coconut rum

 – 10 ml jasmin syrup

GLASSWARE: Old dried coconut served on a small

 plate with dried coconut

PREPARATION: Prepare first the glass and garnish. Add

 everything in the blender.



 – 6 muddled blueberries

 – 40 ml tequila

 – 15 ml lavender and agave syrup

 – 30 ml beet juice

 – Garnish: black sesame seeds. blue-berry & violet flowers.


GLASSWARE: Golden glass

 Golden straw

PREPARATION: Shake the ingredients and strain over new ice into a tiki mug.

RECIPE: – 15 ml orange juice

 – 15 ml lime juice

 – 5 ml Marashino cherry liqueur

 – 45 ml rye whiskey

 – garnish: mini sombrero with flower and bamboo straw

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