Five Favorite Sticky Bun Recipes

Check out our favorite leavened dough recipes for sticky buns. Rolled with fun fillings and topped with honey or maple syrup, they really are a divine morning treat or dessert.

Today is National Sticky Bun Day! We can’t resist the sweet, carb-loaded, morning (or whenever, really) treat. Check out our favorite recipes.

Five Favorite Sticky Bun Recipes

Buttery Chocolate Sticky Buns with Brandy

A perfect project for a cold day, these yeast-raised brioche buns are rolled with plump, boozy raisins and rich chocolate. See the recipe.

Five Favorite Sticky Bun

Caramelized Banana Sticky Buns

Loaded with banana puree and topped with a caramel glaze, these sticky buns are anything but tame. See the recipe.

Five Favorite Sticky Bun

Beef Sticky Buns

Seasoned ground beef is rolled up with spinach, mushrooms, and cheese and served with a creamy sauce for a savory take on the sticky bun. See the recipe.

Five Favorite Sticky Bun

Salted Caramel Pistachio Sticky Buns

Four ingredeints and so easy to make, these sticky buns look and taste complex, but are easy to make for a crowd. See the recipe.

Five Favorite Sticky Bun

Cinnamon Orange Sticky Buns

Bake them in muffin tins, take out of oven, flip, watch glaze drip down, and devour. See the recipe.

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