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Unika by Castello – Cheese and beyond

Unika by Castello – Cheese and beyond

Founded in Denmark, Unika by Castello has created astounding cheeses to tickle the tongue. An idea that is firmly rooted in sharing the mindset of exploration, cooperation, and creativity of the Nordic lands, the cheese selections are a beautiful showcase of these ideas. Sharing the inspiration of the place through cheeses, the cheese makers of Unika by Castello are creating unique cheese experiences at restaurants around the world. Join us at NORTH Festival for an exclusive taste.


Hailing from Denmark, Unika by Castello has created mind-blowing cheeses and are eager to introduce them to chefs around the globe and inspire them to rethink their cheese menus. Soon to be served in many countries, Unika by Castello is gaining global attention with inspired foodies who are looking to create their own amazing cheese experiences.

Join us at NORTH Food Festival to get an exclusive taste of their creation, Unika by Castello. They hope to achieve the great feat of “unboring” cheese. While most food lovers may not find cheese boring, they would admit that it is always a second to something else when it is served on a menu, such as unique beer, quality wine, or fresh bread.

Questioning the rules of the cheese playground, Unika has created a surprising selection of cheeses that tickle the palate and the mind. Chefs around the globe are serving and gobbling up this innovative line of cheese. An interesting concept, given most restaurants’ cheese selections are an after thought, stuck at the bottom of the menu as an alternative to dessert. There are few restaurants that are known for their cheeses as well as their food.


With tantalizing flavors and a beautiful representation of the Nordic mindset, Unika by Castello aspires to change the world of cheese and fine dining. Featured in a selection of fine-dining restaurants in New York City, the crown jewels of Unika by Castello are giving the foodies some amazing cheese to talk about.

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The journey of Unika by Castello cheese began after the establishment of the Nordic Manifesto. The Manifesto’s author, Claus Meyer, called Nordic chefs to come together and agree on the future of their land’s food. Using similar ideas to base their cheeses on, the cheese masters of Unika by Castello set out to create a beautiful selection of cheeses with input from master chefs and the land around them. One of the cheeses, the Krondill, reflects the journey of Unika by Castello and the surroundings perfectly. The dill-flavored cheese was inspired by the Nordic tradition of pickling and preserving vegetables with dill in order to enjoy the produce throughout the winter months. In this new, creamy form with aromas of hay and flavors of fresh dill, Unika by Castello has showcased the pureness of the land, while still creating a unique experience for diners and a versatile cooking tool for chefs.

Taste the change from the Nordic mindset in the kitchen of esteemed chefs around New York City, such as Aquavit, as well as during NORTH’s grand day of tasting at the International Culinary Center.

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