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How to Host a Friendsgiving

How to Host a Friendsgiving

Thinking of hosting a Friendsgiving this year? Whether you are planning a party for 4 or 14 (or more, you popular person!), here are a few ways to make it easy and fun for all.

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The Host Makes the Turkey

If you’re brave enough to take on the challenge of hosting a Friendsgiving this year, then you have the privilege of carving the first slice at the table. With that comes the responsibility of making the turkey. If it is your first time, here are some easy-to-follow guidelines. What about everything else? Friends help out and bring different sides, desserts, and wine!


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Time is of the essence on Friendsgiving Day, so save yourself the stress and pre-set the table, don’t be embarassed to use your bathtub as a chiller if you must, clear out as much space as possible for all the food, preheat the oven, make the stuffing and potatoes in advance, and do your best to avoid turning the kitchen into a hot mess that day!


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Paper and Lace

Say No to Complicated Decor

Not every party can be like that of the Great Gatsby. Save yourself some time and stress – go for simple and inviting. Discover your crafty side with some soft lighting, seasonally weathered foliage, and voila! A beautiful and impressive table is set with not much effort at all!


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The Most Punctual Friend Brings the Appetizer

Don’t make the mistake of starving and over-boozing your friends before the big feast begins. Make sure your most responsible friend helps you whet the appetite by bringing the appetizer(s). You can thank them by saving their favorite cut of the bird!



A Multi-Cultural Table

While mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are quintessential to a this celebration, make it exciting at your table by encouraging friends to bring a traditional family dish!



Accomodate Friends with Any Dietary Restrictions

Your friends with food allergies can’t be left eating the decorative foliage! Be thoughtful and make sure everyone at your table has plenty of options to put on their plate. Here are some options for friends with dietary restrictions.


Something Turquoise
Something Turquoise

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Setup a “Social Lubrication” Station

You’ve got friends from home, friends from your school days, and friends from your crazy days. Start the celebrations with a simple opening cocktail, then welcome them to start pouring one another’s glasses while they get to know each other. Everyone will become better acquainted by the time everyone makes their way to the table!



Wine Glass Markers

Continuously having to wash glassware throughout the evening is not anyone’s idea of a party. Wine glass markers are the answer. Here is a nifty wine glass charm!


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It is very important to keep the mood on point. Ask the friend you think will put together a playlist of feel-good tunes everyone will enjoy all night long. It would be good to shake off some of the potatoes and pies anyway…


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Take-Away Containers

Unless you have enough room in your refrigerator to store copious amounts of leftovers and don’t mind eating the same thing for the next couple of weeks, then share the wealth! Provide recyclable containers for your friends to take any extra food home.

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