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Sweet Recipes for Your Halloween Festivities

Sweet Recipes for Your Halloween Festivities

Hosting a Halloween shindig or looking to bring a festive treat to work? Check out these sweet recipes that are so fun and delicious.

Spider Caramel Apples
Everyone loves caramel apples, especially this time of the year. Make them extra festive with chocolate spider decor. See the recipe.

Double Chocolate Monster Cookies
Royal icing and a few orange and yellow candies go a long way in taking the usual, easy chocolate cookies to a festive Halloween level. See the recipe.

Chocolate Chia Pudding
Sort of a snack, sort of dessert. Regardless, it’s delicious and fun. See the recipe.

Homemade Halloween Marshmallows
Check out this tutorial with plenty of tips and tricks on how to make the best homemade vanilla marshmallows. Plus a cute way to decorate them for Halloween! See the recipe.

Scotcheroo Spiders
Spiders aren’t scary when they’re chocolate peanut butter flavored! These scotcheroo spiders are a fun Halloween treat that will give smiles instead of scares. See the recipe.

See Also

Teal Pumpkin Bites
These sunflower butter bites are like eating balls of sweet cookie dough. Feel free to make them whatever color your choose! See the recipe.

Pumpkin Spice and Applesauce Cupcakes
Halloween Pumpkin Spice and Applesauce Cupcakes are a fun, seasonal dessert that your kids will not only have fun making, but eating too. The secret to the flavor in the cupcakes comes from the applesauce. See the recipe.

Spider Pizza
Ok, ok. This one isn’t sweet, but it’s so fun we couldn’t leave it off the list! See the recipe.

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