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Shot Tower Stands As A Beacon in Philly

Shot Tower Stands As A Beacon in Philly

shot tower

While Bill Walsh will probably not be moving into South Philadelphia any time soon, the coffee at Shot Tower is a really good reason to visit.
Text And Photo By Bill Walsh

shot tower

Shot Tower Coffee
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Free WiFi ? : yes
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My cousin moved to South Philly a couple months ago and while I envy not her daily hunt for street parking or the inconvenience of grocery shopping, I do covet the fact that she lives within walking distance of several great coffeehouses.

One coffeehouse newcomer is as new as my cousin’s lease, a corner cafe called Shot Tower Coffee. The coffeehouse has made a local splash as Philly’s newest Stumptown Coffee slinging operation bent on quality. I made my way over one Saturday to the corner of 6th and Christian to find them in a brick building with olive trim around large windows. Inside, the space is spiffy, with nice decor, seating along the windows and a massive table to the right of the door.

I ordered an espresso of Stumptown’s Colombia Los Gauchos and a drip of their Burundi Kinyovu. The espresso, pulled short with marbled crema, sang of spicy cherry, chocolate cake, salt, ginger snap and jasmine (delicious!). The drip held notes of straw, caramel, butter, spinach, apple, sassafras and a subtle earthiness amidst a nice body (also delicious). The tea is Rishi.

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Thus, while I will probably not be moving into South Philadelphia any time soon, I have a few good reasons to visit my cousin, with Shot Tower standing at the top of the list. If you’re in the city, give Shot Tower a try.


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