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PlaceList: Best Dim Sum in LA with Fat Dragon Owner

PlaceList: Best Dim Sum in LA with Fat Dragon Owner

The SGV-native behind Fat Dragon, Silver Lake’s new Chinese kitchen and tea bar, points us to his favorite dumplings.

by Citizine

Dragon Fried Rice, Five Spiced Quail, Steak with Broccolini, and Honey Walnut Shrimp courtesy of Fat Dragon

When he’s not working, Allen loves to gather with friends and family for dim sum, which he considers a ritual.

“I think there’s something about the buzz of a packed dim sum house, with carts moving in and out of aisles and tons of loud conversations going on at every table. It’s a Chinese custom to take old friends, new friends or family to dim sum for lunch. It’s very informal, fun and participative. People always say dim sum in LA is not as good as Hong Kong, or Vancouver, or San Francisco. And it’s true, but I’d rather be eating dim sum here in LA with a group of old or new friends, then by myself at the Michellin-starred dim sum house Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong,” says Allen. His go-to orders are chicken feet, cha siew rice rolls, egg tarts and pinapple buns. Here’s where to find them:

Where: Los Angeles
What: Dim Sum PlaceList
Who: Co-owner of Sticky Rice in GCM, Allen Wong recently opened Fat Dragon, a modern Chinese kitchen in the same Silver Lake strip mall that houses Trois Familia. Fat Dragon brews familiar and rare teas with boba and more refreshing toppings, like cucumber and goji berries and rosebuds. But the the real breath of fresh air is the surprisingly light and clean Chinese-American food. Even the Mary’s Orange Chicken tastes like … chicken—it’s crisp and tangy as you’d expect, but the organic and consciously prepared ingredients shine through. The Monterrey Park native is dedicated to omiting MSGs and using the most local ingredients he can find.


Lunasia Dim Sum House

Pasadena, $$
AW: They have the best snow buns and “crispy footballs” in town, I always get their crispy pork belly too.


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Elite Restaurant

Monterey Park, $$
AW: Elite is an old favorite of mine. But, it’s not as good as it used to be because there have been a few changes in ownership. It’s a couple blocks from my house so it is my go-to. I love the Shu Mai and Roasted Pork with that crispy skin is like crack!


China Red

Arcadia, $$
AW: The Cherng Fun with fried shrimp inside is the hit here. (Even with a shrimp allergy I can eat 7 shrimp before getting a bit itchy and these are worth it). In fact, all of their Cherng Fun is great. I also love the egg tarts here, Portugese style with great creamy consistency.

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